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1602 A.D.
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Alternate Title:Anno 1602
Console: IBM PC
Year: 2000
RFG ID #: U-016-S-17600-A
Part #:
UPC: 742725196285
Developer: Max Design
Publisher: Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment

Genre: Strategy
Sub-genre: RTS / City Building
Players: 1-5
Controller: Keyboard + Mouse
Media Format: CD-ROM
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What is there to say about this little game? It is simply a gem of a game that many haven't tried.

If you have been browsing through your local tech store or game shop, you may have passed this game in the bargain bin. SHAME. Next time you see this, dish out the couple dollars being charged and give it a try.

This game is great for pick up and play, and is not a system hog. It's suited well for a laptop gamer, especially those who don't have a top of the line powerhouse to keep them entertained on the road. Now matter how many distractions you get, you won't suddenly lose like a faster game.

The visuals are aged by today's standard, but are still pleasing.
The audio is marvelous with great voice acting by the narrator. ("There is gold here")
The gameplay is slow, and as a Age of Empires player, it took me some time to get used to the single button scheme.

Overall I can only suggest this game to those not looking for a hollywood experience, but just some relaxing fun.
Total: 75%
Review by dotDarkCloud

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
IBM PC U S 1602 A.D. [Jewel Case] Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment 2002 Strategy
IBM PC E S Anno 1602 Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment 1998 Strategy
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Game Trivia:

  • Despite the title, 1602 A.D., the copyright on the box is for Anno 1602, the EU version of the game.
FAQ's/External Links:

Easter Eggs:

  • This game has a screensaver that comes into effect when paused or left inactive.
Game Credits:

  • Production: Jürgen Reußwig
  • Programming: Albert Lasser, Wilfried Reiter
  • Graphics / Artwork: Ulli Koller, Martin Lasser
  • Music and Sound: Marcus Pitzer
  • Testing and Support: Michael Backhaus, Jochen Bauer, Daniel Dumke, Marc Huppke, Michael Kairat, Christoph Klempau, Bianca König, Sigrid Mischke, Rico Ottofülling, Sascha Pieroth, Sascha Pieroth, Sascha Ramali, Christoph Reichenbach, Gerald Reimann, Thomas Rosato, Jan Smit, Thomas Stahl, Anne‑Katrin Stammer, Matthias Stiffel
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