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Console: Commodore 64
Year: 1988
RFG ID #: U-018-S-02620-A
Part #: ISBN 0-7911-0114-2
UPC: 050047101147
Developer: Tengen
Publisher: Mindscape
Genre: Sports
Sub-genre: Skateboarding
Players: 1
Controller: Joystick or Keyboard
Media Format: 5.25" Floppy Disk
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Hop on and hang ten as you crash around corners, swerve on sidewalks, and leap over the locals of Skate City, a skateboarder's fantasy world where virtually every surface is skateable. Flip and twist around the street fighters, Frisbee throwers, hard bodies, and killer bees that jam city streets. Polish your skills and take your act to the skate parks where you'll vie for medals and cash in downhill, jump, ramp, and slalom competition. Shoot the tubes, "catch air" as you fly off ramps - master all of the moves, including the dangerous 720. You'll need every edge as you try to become champion of the skating world!

  • All the action and excitement of the arcade game
  • Super graphics and animation
  • Awesome freestyle and competitive skateboard action
  • Multiple skill levels
  • Special events- downhill, jump, ramp, and slalom
  • Street traffic, killer bees, hard bodies, street fighters, and the dreaded Frisbee throwers to avoid
  • A chance to be Skateboard Champion of the World!
Game Trivia:

  • The game was a conversion of the arcade game from Atari Games in 1986

Keyboard Controls
  • I Left
  • P Right
  • Q Up
  • Z Down
  • SPACE Jump
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