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Console: ColecoVision
Year: 1984
RFG ID #: U-024-S-00070-A
Part #:
Publisher: Interphase
Genre: Shooter
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge x1
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Your mission is to guide the Euram agent Captain Blitztek through enemy territory to prevent the Axtoatles from taking control of world forces. If the defenders inflict more than nine damage points on the Captain, the mission is aborted and the game is over. Press * to start the game. The # key pauses the action at any time. To resume play, press any key from 1 to 9. In levels one and two, the joystick controls the speed and direction of your hydroship. The keypad controls the direction of the ship's shots, and the side buttons fire to the top or bottom of the screen. Fuel is limited, so be sure to grab the hydrocarbon gas packets when the Euram refueling craft appears. In level three, use your hang glider to destroy the Assault Stations either by firing at or flying through them. Initially, only four shots are available, so be sure to grab the randomly dispersed black Ammo Depots along the route to rearm. The joystick controls the glider in a realistic manner, where pushing up ascends and pushing down descends. The right side button controls the glider's speed and the left side button fires forward. In the final level, transport four hydrogen bombs, one by one, from the bottom of the screen to the top within the 99 count time limit. Each time the Axtoatle Combine is destroyed, the mission begins again at a more advanced level of play.
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