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Pepper II
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Console: ColecoVision
Year: 1983
RFG ID #: U-024-S-00850-A
Part #: 2605
UPC: 076930026050
Developer: 4D Interactive Systems
Publisher: Coleco
Genre: Strategy
Sub-genre: Maze / Puzzle
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge
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In this quirky arcade game, guide your Pepper angel up the zipper-like track, zipping all the tracks around a room, then zipping the entire maze. Use the joystick to move in any of the four directions around the maze. Enclose a room containing a pitchfork and briefly change into a Pepper devil, where you can eliminate every enemy you touch.


Tan's Review:

If you've never had the pleasure of playing this game before, think of it as a cross between Pac-Man and Qix. It is also similar to Amidar but it's more maze and less puzzle than that game. Pepper II originally was an arcade game by Exidy published in 1982. In 1983 it was published by Coleco and released on the CV (ColecoVision). The basic idea is that your character is navigating through a maze trying to claim sections by surrounding them with what I call "zip-lines". Each section that is surrounded changes colour and gives you points. Meanwhile also in the maze are enemies that can kill you if they catch you and even unzip your progress. If you move backwards, your lines are also unzipped. There are also bonus items that can be captured by surrounding the section they are located in and these can allow you to destroy/eat those enemies much like a power pellet in Pac-Man. The game has a good deal of depth and challenge and even requires an amount of strategy. You may find that you need to duck into another maze (exits on all four sides) and then come back o the maze you were working on. Other times you may need to backtrack or find roundabout ways to surround sections if there are multiple enemies patrolling that area.

Because the CV was more advanced than it's main rivals Atari VCS 2600 and the Mattel Intellivision, Pepper II benefits from being more true to it's arcade predecessor than most home ports of popular titles. The colours are bright, vibrant and varied. The sound is great and speeds up in tempo with the action onscreen. Exidy, who developed the arcade version as well, did a fantastic job of bringing this game to the console.

Control of course is a mixed bag. If you use the standard controller for the CV, your experience may vary. Not everyone is comfortable with the keypadded, knobbed controller. If your an old hand with others like the Intellivision as I am, you'll have no problems adapting to the controller. As I always say, there's something to be said for playing it on the original hardware the way the developer intended. Despite my thorough cleaning of the controller I was using, it still had a hard time accepting inputs on the stick when moved to the right. I was still able to manage a modest score on skill level 1 despite the handicap that controller gave me (no worries, I have 3 more controllers!).

Personally, I think Pepper II is a better game than Pac-Man. In a way it IS Pac-Man, but with more gameplay, strategy and patterns. Speaking strictly from a home console perspective, few games of that era offer everything I mentioned above in as great a package. While many titles of the early 80's survive on nostalgia, Pepper II has aged gracefully and stands apart as being just as fun and as addictive now as it was 25 years ago.

I wholeheartedly give this game an A+. If you own a ColecoVision, you should take it upon yourself to grab a copy. Hell I'll even go so far as to say this game is nearly worth owning a CV for by itself!

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Alternate Manual

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
CBS ColecoVision United Kingdom S Pepper II CBS Electronics 1983 Action
CBS ColecoVision France S Pepper II CBS Electronics 1983 Action
CBS ColecoVision Germany S Pepper II CBS Electronics 1983 Action
ColecoVision U S Pepper II [ColecoVision & Adam Label] Coleco 1983 Strategy
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