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T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage
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Console: Nintendo NES
Year: 1988
RFG ID #: U-027-S-06450-A
Part #: NES-TN-USA
UPC: 023582051529
Developer: Atlus
Publisher: LJN
Genre: Sports
Sub-genre: Skating/Surfing
Players: 1-2
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 64 KB
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T&C Surf Designs: Wood and Water Rage was released in a time when everyone wanted to be a skater or surfer in California. Sporting a cartoony look, the goal of the game is to skate to the finish line or surf to the docks. With each round completed additional length and obstacles are placed on the same course.

T&C has three modes: Street Skate Session, Big Wave Encounter, and Wood and Water Rage. Street Skate Session is skateboarding somewhat in the tradition of California Games's roller skating. You skate through the course while avoiding obstacles, pulling off tricks, and collecting coins for points. The life system is interesting in the respect that you lose life for wrecking but gain it for staying on your board. The game is over when you run out of time or life symbols. Big Wave Encounter is surfing, and is notorious for being hated by most T&C fans. Unlike Street Skate Session there is no time limit but you do gain life for staying on your board. Lose it by wiping out. You can earn points for staying on your board, surfing into the pipeline, turns, and picking up bananas. Wood and Water Rage is a combination of the skating and surfing modes, alternating each round.

In every mode you have the option of choosing which character you want to play. Unfortunately there are no strengths and weaknesses; this option is purely to add a little flavor. In Street Skate Session you can play as Joe Cool or Tiki Man. When playing as Joe Cool you skate in the daytime. As Tiki Man you skate when the sun begins to set. While the option doesn't add anything to game play it is a nice little change if you're in the mood for something different. In Big Wave Encounter you have the choice between Thrilla Gorilla or Kool Kat. The only noticeable difference is the board's color. Green for Kool Kat and red for Thrilla. On a mildly interesting note, one of the obstacles is a guy riding a tube. When you play as Kool Kat it appears to be Thrilla riding the tube. I can't say for sure who the guy is when you play as Thrilla. Perhaps it's Tiki Man without the mask or Joe Cool on a bad hair day without the shades. In Big Wave Encounter you choose between two teams: Joe Cool and Thrilla Gorilla or Tiki Man and Kool Kat.

The game is seemingly endless. If you're hot enough to get to a traditional ending please let us know because to my knowledge there isn't one.


T&C is a solid skate title with high replay value. Too bad the same can't be said for the surfing. To skate you repeatedly tab the B button. Fans the world over are known to use turbo to cheat their way to victory. If this is in fact cheating has been the topic of debate for years, I say indeed it is! Some folks just aren't coordinated or don't have the stamina to keep the button mashing going while trying to steer clear of hazards.

The obstacles are fairly "kiddie" in a way but who doesn't get a kick out of smashing an RC with a board. The oil slicks and other road hazards make sense, but balls bouncing on their own and tubes bouncing at all are highly pretentious even for T&C. The surfing obstacles make more sense. Too bad you can't pick off the seagull with the surfboard. I really don't get the bonus bananas though. Who ever heard of a bunch of bananas floating freely in the ocean! While the obstacles don't make much sense they are pretty comical.

The graphics are pretty "rad" for the time of it's release. Gotta love the liberal use of hot pink. What is that thing around Joe Cool's neck though? Is it his shirt, a towel, a scarf? Whatever it is it's not very becoming of the Cool guy. I never heard of anyone skating with a tribal mask on but it does add to 80's coolness factor in some strange way. Cats and gorillas surfing? Cats surfing while wearing a suit? Strange but the 80's were a strange time, again with the coolness factor.

The controls for skating are pretty straightforward. To sum it up your skater goes where you tell him to. Surfing is an entirely different story. The controls are very loose and it's seemingly impossible to get your surfer to do what you want. If you are lucky enough to control your surfer it will probably only last for a few sweet seconds before you wipe out. This is probably the largest reason the surfing mode is highly unpopular.

The sound is repetitive and gets tired after playing for a while. Worth dealing with to hear the nifty noises when you jump or bite it. The skating is quite the enjoyable experience. Though the rounds are carbon copies of the previous with a few added obstacles it's worth playing for hours to get the coveted higher-than-your's score. Attempting to score points in every possible way each round can be pretty tough but not completely impossible. The surfing is so horrific that there really isn't much to be said. Just getting past the first round is a pretty big accomplishment to most so if you've done it pat yourself on the back. After the first round it's almost completely pointless. Though the round is longer than the previous nothing has really changed save for how much more hell you have to endure. There is a little trick to make surfing worth your time (up, down, right, repeat) though it's tedious after a round or two. If you manage to get the surfing controls down grab a friend you're not too happy with and have a go at Wood and Water Rage. They might not love you today but they will be impressed (and probably angered) after you show off your ability to stay on that surfboard.

Bottom line, if you're looking for some good, clean skating fun T&C is the ticket. If you've already done some shreddin you probably love the Street Skate Session and despise the Big Wave Encounter.

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Game Trivia:

  • Aside from the Thrilla Gorilla character, the "sequel" T&C II: Thrilla's Surfari is an entirely different game.
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