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Console: Nintendo NES
Year: 1990
RFG ID #: U-027-S-07560-A
Part #: NES-KO-USA
UPC: 039854000072
Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Genre: Action
Sub-genre: Platformer / Shooter
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 2 Meg
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In the year 2777 nuclear wars and natural disasters have long since devastated the earth. Only five sparsely inhabited islands survive to form a single nation, XEXYZ, where mankind lives peacefully under the rule of good King Xeu Star. But one day XEXYZ is attacked! From deepest space comes GORUZA, a mighty fortress of bizarre and vicious mechanical beasts. XEXYZ is defenseless against the assault. All hope is dead. Until, at last, Space Warrior Apollo decides he can no longer endure his people's suffering. In full battle gear, he challenges the robotic monsters of GORUZA and their cruel empire, vowing to destroy them and to free XEXYZ from its terrible fate!


Crabmaster2000's Review:

Xexyz has a lot going for it. Solid action platforming, above par shmup stages, massive and visually pleasing boss fights, interesting powerups, elements of exploration, sexy 8-bit babes in hot tubs, two distinctly contrasting art-styles/settings and pretty decent music to top it all off. I wouldn't say that it does any one of these things perfectly, but it does do every single one of them extremely well and much better than most games that only focus on a couple of those aspects.

One of the first things I noticed when playing Xexyz for the first time was the interesting mesh of Sci-Fi mixed with traditional fantasy. This helps to keep levels interesting and not too repetitive. You go from exploring very mechanical fortresses to flying straight through a beautiful lush island setting. It also provides some unique airships such as the robot-manta-dolphin-unicorn you fly in the fourth stage.

Each level has its own platforming and its own shmup stages. The platforming stages have unique weapon powerups special to that stage and the shmup stages have unique ships with different methods of firepower.

Xexyz also features a lot more story than many NES games. There is a cast of characters that help you through each level by giving advice/hints, selling items or giving powerups. They are extremely necessary as you progress and really help give the game a sense of purpose lacking in many other NES titles (why am I killing turtles and mushroom men exactly?).

As I stated above, Xexyz does not do anything perfectly. However, it does everything it tries to (and that is a lot) well above the average for the time. Add to the mix the cart can easily be had for $5 or less online and you have tons of reasons to pick this one up.


Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo Famicom J S Kame no Ongaeshi - Urashima Densetsu Hudson Soft 1988 Action
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