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Yo! Noid
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Console: Nintendo NES
Year: 1990
RFG ID #: U-027-S-07570-A
Part #: NES-YC-USA
UPC: 013388110247
Developer: Now Production
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Platformer
Sub-genre: 2D Platformer
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 2 Meg
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Who's got floppy ears, a furry suit, and a toothy, hilarious grin? It's Yo!NOID, the yo-yoing, pizza-chomping funnyman from those wacky Domino's Pizza TV commercials. He'll need every trick in his fuzzy hat to out-prank the scamps who are overrunning New York with monkeyshrines and shenanigans!

Yo!NOID skips, skates, and scales the skyscrapers, bonking out an ever-changing gang of rascals! A mysterious NOID look-alike is behind the tomfoolery, and the real NOID's got to stop him! What could make the rollicking NOID get so serious? The reward is a lifetime supply of his favorite food!


Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo Famicom J S Kamen no Ninja - Hanamaru Capcom 1990 Platformer
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