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Star Raiders
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Console: Atari 8-bit Family
Year: 1980
RFG ID #: U-034-S-01890-A
Part #: CXL4011
Developer: Doug Neubauer
Publisher: Atari
Genre: Simulator
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller + Keyboard
Media Format: Cartridge 8 KB
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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Atari 8-bit Family U S Star Raiders [Rerelease] Atari 1986 Simulator
Atari 8-bit Family U S Star Raiders ["Star Raider" Typo] Atari 1980 Simulator

  • Joystick: Moves your ship in the direction pressed. The Y-axis is reversed, so pushing up makes your ship dive and pushing down makes it climb.
  • Fire button: Fires your torpedoes.
  • Select: Selects your skill level.
  • Start: Starts or resets the game.
  • 1: Selects speed 1
  • 2: Selects speed 2
  • 3: Selects speed 3
  • 4: Selects speed 4
  • 5: Selects speed 5
  • 6: Selects speed 6
  • 7: Selects speed 7
  • 8: Selects speed 8
  • 9: Selects speed 9
  • 0: Stops your ship and aborts the hyperwarp sequence.
  • A: Switches to aft view. The joystick controls are reversed for aft view.
  • C: Activates your ship's attack computer.
  • F: Switches to forward view.
  • G: Brings up the Galactic Chart.
  • H: Engages your hyperdrive and hyperwarps you to your chosen destination on the Galactic Chart.
  • L: Brings up your Long-Range Scanner.
  • M: Selects between different targets.
  • P: Pauses the game. Move the joystick to unpause.
  • S: Activates your ship's shields.
  • T: Activates your ship's tracking computer.
  • Atari key (Inverse key on XL and XE computers): Aborts the game in progress.
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