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Beyond Oasis
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Console: Sega Genesis
Year: 1995
RFG ID #: U-040-S-00660-A
Part #: 1354
UPC: 010086013542
Developer: Ancient
Publisher: Sega
K-A (ESRB): Animated Violence

Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller, 6 Button Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 24 Meg x1
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Beyond Oasis is an action/adventure game developed by Ancient for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. It was released quite late in the system's lifecycle, late 1994 for Japan and 1995 everywhere else. Since Ancient was founded by Yuzo Koshiro, it also includes a soundtrack composed by him. This is most likely Sega's answer to The Legend of Zelda mixed with some Mana series, since there are many similarities in gameplay design, puzzle solving, and progression.

You play as Prince Ali of the Kingdom of Oasis, and some bad stuff is starting to go down. One day while digging in an old ruin, Prince Ali finds a gold armlet, which affixes itself to his wrist and tells him of his destiny to save Oasis. Clothing style and culture shows that the game is based on Middle Eastern mythology and literature such as the 1001 Arabian Nights. The gold armlet has the ability to control spirits, one of which is named after the class of infernal djinni, Efreet.

There are differences with the weapon and item systems, as well as abilities. Ali starts off with a knife as your default weapon; this knife has unlimited uses, but a short reach. You can pick up other weapons such as a bow, sword, and bombs for damage boosts, but these all break after a certain number of uses. Planning when and where to use your stronger weapons is a must, I usually saved them for boss battles.

Combat is quite fun as it offers great depth. It feels like you're playing a brawler within your adventure game as Ali has kicks, swipes, stabs, jump kicks, flying stabs and slashes, flip attacks, and a spin attack. A lot of these attacks can only be used with your first knife though, so heavy damage weapons that can break are best used for more predictable fights like bosses. Each spirit has its own attacks as well, and these take large chunks of your SP down. Just having a spirit out will slowly deplete your SP bar.

The items you find mostly heal you. Ali has two stats to worry about, HP and SP. HP is your health, like it is every game that has HP. SP are your Spell Points, and these are used up just by having a spirit out or using a spirit's magical abilities. Healing items are food items; items like meat or cheese heal your HP while fruits heal your SP, others foods heal both stats! You can also pick up powerups for your spirits, various weapons, and healing items in treasure chests scattered throughout Oasis.

There are plenty of secrets to find while exploring the world, even some hidden mini games that give quite nice rewards. In terms of following the storyline, the game is just as linear as any Zelda game. Beyond Oasis has the built in feature known as the "go-here" arrow when you're off doing your quest. The map is stylized and fairly difficult to read when you're first starting the game, but once you've explored most of the map, it makes more sense.

The game feels quite balanced in its world design. You usually have nice area of outdoor overworld to explore while you make your way from dungeon to dungeon. The game also has a natural break between spirits. You can find the first two spirits quickly, but then Ali works to unfold more of the mysterious group that is threatening his Kingdom before getting the last two. Its a nice break between the first two and lets the story keep you interested in what's happening, instead of breaking it up like this: get all spirits, uncover mystery.

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