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Crack Down
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Console: Sega Genesis
Year: 1991
RFG ID #: U-040-S-01320-A
Part #: T-47046
UPC: 721337100057
Developer: Hot-B
Publisher: Sage's Creation
Genre: Action
Players: 1-2
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 4 Meg
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When many bombs are discovered throughout a large laboratory, Ben and Andy are called in to dismantle them before the building explodes all around them! Racing from spot to spot, each bomb must be neutralized with smaller charges before time runs out. Defenses have been placed to make it more dangerous, but Ben and Andy have an array of weapons to help them achieve their goals. Better call the bomb squad! Time is short!
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Print ad back cover of Game Players 1991

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sega Mega Drive E S Crack Down Sega 1991 Action/Adventure
Sega Mega Drive J S Crack Down Sega 1990 Action
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