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Ecco Jr.
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Console: Sega Genesis
Year: 1995
RFG ID #: U-040-S-01750-A
Part #: 1554
UPC: 010086015546
Developer: Novotrade
Publisher: Sega

Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 8 Meg
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Take a trip back to the days of Ecco's youth in this game intended for younger players. Ecco and his two friends, Tara the orca whale and Kitnee the baby dolphin, want to go meet the legendary whale, Big Blue. In order to find this wise, old denizen of the deep, they'll need the help of the Glyph Crystals that are scattered throughout the ocean. By performing tasks for the Crystals, new pathways will open up, leading the trio further on their quest.

Since this title was designed for children, it's significantly less challenging than its notoriously difficult predecessors. Still, it's an entertaining journey into the world of Ecco.

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sega Mega Drive A S Ecco Jr. Sega 1995 Action/Adventure
Game Trivia:

This game was released under the "SEGA Club" label, a line of SEGA Genesis games intended for kids.
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