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Console: Nintendo SNES
Year: 1992
RFG ID #: U-044-S-01150-A
Part #: SNS-CL-USA
UPC: 073000040994
Developer: Sculptured Software
Publisher: Parker Brothers
Genre: Game Simulator
Sub-genre: Board Game / Mystery
Players: 1-6
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge x1
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Clue for SNES is an adaptation of the popular Parker Brothers classic board game. It’s a who-dunnit game that asks players to use logic in the use of “clues” to solve a murder mystery scenario. While the video game holds true to the spirit of its source material, it is not simply a video game simulation of the board game. Like the board game, cards are dealt at the beginning of the game, eliminating suspects, weapons and rooms from being the solution. Players then move about the board through dice rolls, entering rooms and making suggestions, using one suspect, one weapon, and the room they are making the suggestion in. But during suggestions the game takes a departure from its real life counterpart. Players are treated to a theatrical “clue”, complete with a curtain drawing and closing. Depending on the chosen difficulty setting, these clues range from very specific: “The knife was in the Ball Room”, to very vague: “Mrs. Peacock did not have the Revolver”. These theater-like scenes add some interesting variety to the gameplay, especially during accusations, which play out like a visual novel: “She might have looked harmless, but then she…” (with accompanying animations). One turnoff for many players will be the necessity to write down the clues on paper as they are revealed, as there is no in-game option for keeping track. However, fans of the board game will find a lot of charm and character in this adaptation, making it a game worth the occasional visit for one of the more unique experiences on the Super NES.

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo SNES U S Clue [Majesco Rerelease] Parker Brothers 1997 Game Simulator
Game Trivia:

*The box art for the game is a direct copy of the box art for the 1992 version of the board game. However, the in-game character animations of Green, White and Mustard more closely resemble their depictions in the 1986 version of the board game. Peacock is a closer match to how she looks in the 1992 board game, and Scarlet bears little resemblance to either her '86 or '92 counterpart. Plum is depicted similarly in both versions.
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