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AH-3 Thunderstrike
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Console: Sega CD
Year: 1993
RFG ID #: U-048-S-00060-A
Part #: T-60055
UPC: 009119930574
Developer: Core Design
Publisher: JVC

Genre: Shooter
Sub-genre: First-Person Perspective
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: CD-ROM x1
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From the back of the box:

AH-3 ThunderStrike

Dive down the devil's throat!

Strap into your AH-3 Thunderstrike and fly that sacred bird straight into the jaws of terror.
Cruise into Panama and rain on a guerilla parade with your deadly whistler rockets... Tour the South Seas and test our your AFG autocannon on a fleet of pirate gunboats... Eradicate terrorist strongholds with your GR-3's...
With a little luck, you just might last long enough to run a second mission.

  • 10 operations to choose from-from the deadly jungles in South America to the war-ravaged dunes in the Middle East.
  • 360-degree rotational universe.
  • Full-function display and instrumentation, including radar and weapons tracking systems.
  • Loaded to the blades with awesome firepower, including Vulcan Cannons and anti-sub homing missles (sic).

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sega CD Brazil S AH-3 Thunderstrike Tec Toy 1993 Shooter
Sega Mega CD E S Thunderhawk [Mega Power Demo] Mega Power 1993 Shooter
Sega Mega CD E S Thunderhawk [Sega Pro Demo] Sega Pro 1995 Shooter
Sega Mega CD E S Thunderhawk Core Design 1993 Shooter
Sega Mega CD J S Thunderhawk Electronic Arts Victor 1993 Shooter
Game Trivia:

  • Developed by the same people behind the Tomb Raider series.
  • Famous for it's sprite scaling and roatation effects, one of few games that uses this feature on the Sega CD.
  • Won the 1993 Sega CD Product Of The Year Award.
  • It is known as Thunderhawk in Europe and Japan.
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