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Brutal: Above the Claw
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Console: Sega Genesis 32X
Year: 1995
RFG ID #: U-055-S-00050-A
Part #: T-8301B
UPC: 043948003191
Developer: GameTek
Publisher: GameTek
T (ESRB): Animated Violence

Genre: Fighting
Players: 1-2
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge x1
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Overview is from the back of the box.

Across the world, invitations were delivered.

Under the watchful eye of the great master Dali Llama, the world greatest martial artists would return to a place they knew well... Brutal Island. Each will use their own unique mental and physical martial arts style and training, in a tournament to prove the worlds one true champion.

Brutal, Above the Claw, is a brilliantly rendered game of humorous cartoon style combat, combined with depth, philosophy, and an attention to detail not found in any other fighting game.


  • Twelve Fully Animated Characters

  • Action Replay

  • Loads of special moves

  • A unique learning system

  • Extra moves available to higher belts

  • A mind bomb'in soundtrack
Game Trivia:

  • ESRB Rating of T Ages 13+
Game Credits:

Team Brutal

Rod Humble

Andy Gilmour
Dave Hall Juan Sanchez

Dave Lincoln

Additonal Support

Executive Producer
Elizabeth Curran

Creative Direction
John Tombay

Travis Williams
Larry Pacey

Doug Brandon
Robin Heifitz

williams B. McCormick


Art Director
Dwight Alnor

Rod Humble

Dwight Alnor

Sherry Kross
John Tombley

Mark Fredrikson

Glen Yoshiyama

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