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Console: Sega Genesis 32X
Year: 1995
RFG ID #: U-055-S-00090-A
Part #: 4438
UPC: 010086044386
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega

Genre: Action/Adventure
Sub-genre: Full-Motion Video
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: CD-ROM x2
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Overview is from the back of the box.


People are still alive in there! But they won't be for long if you don't rescue them! Leading the Fire Fighters from Company 13 into the blaze, you've got to find the victims trapped inside and make it out alive!

  • Thick with smoke, and nearly 1,000 degrees near the ceiling, there's danger around every turn! Open the wrong door and you're toast.
  • To find the victims, you've got to make lightning fast decisions, overcome hazards, chainsaw through doors, and explore secret passageways - all before your oxygen runs out!
  • Three different challenges - a house engulfed in flames, a blazing hotel with 112 rooms, and a huge university booby-trapped by a crazed nuclear physicist.
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    Game Trivia:

    • ESRB Rating of 7 Ages 13+
    • The Sega CD version was also include on a seperate disc.
    FAQ's/External Links:

    IMDB Website Page

    Game Credits:

    Executive Producers
    Chris W. Bankston

    Tony Van

    Supervising Producer
    Megan Hope-Ross

    Assistant Producer
    Vy Nong

    Game Design
    Chris W. Bankston
    Megan Hope-Ross
    Thibault LePoutre
    Tony Van

    Thibault LePoutre

    Original Music
    Domenic Troiano

    Director of Photography
    John Herzog

    Raymond Elias

    Director of Digital Technology
    Randy Fugate

    Production Coordinator
    Berj Beramian
    Katie Weathers

    32x digital video compression

    Lead Tester
    Kim Rogers

    Assistant Lead Tester
    Sam Saliba

    Product Manager
    John Garner

    Product Specialist
    Nemer Velasquez

    Saga Test Dept

    Game Guide
    Copy: Hillary Clayson Loeb
    Design:John Lucas


    Chief Chavez
    Barry Blake

    Firefighter McGuire
    Shelley Cook

    Firefighter Hobbs
    Robert Racki

    Firefighter "Stinky" Stinkowski
    John Stoneham Sr.

    Firefighter Washington
    Robert Thomas

    Also Appearing
    (in alphabetical order)

    Distressed Father
    Scot Denson

    Mrs. O'Hara (Bird Lady)
    Barbara Franklin

    World War II Veteran
    Charles Hayter

    Dr. Boyd Hatcher
    Chas Lawther

    Hotel Night Manager
    Robert McKenna

    Daughter in Burning House
    Helen Scott

    Nigel Amphyll
    John Swindells

    Film Production

    Line Producer
    Jeffrey Chadwick

    Peter M. Lenkov

    Art Director
    Charles Dunlop

    Post Production Supervisor
    Andi Martindale

    Off-Line Editors
    Christopher Cooper
    Terry Martindale

    1 st Assistant Director/2nd Unit Director
    Neil Huhta

    2nd Assistant Director
    David "D.C." Carruthers

    Second 2nd Assistant Director
    Steve Webb

    3rd Assistant Director
    Anne Paynter

    Steadicam Operator
    Keith Murphy

    Focus Puller/2nd Unit Operator
    Roman Neubacher

    2nd Assistant Camera
    Laurence Borinick

    Camera Trainee
    Michael Yaremchuk

    "B" Camera/2nd Unit Operator
    David Perkins

    Film Production cont.

    Assistant Art Director
    Andrea Brodeur

    2nd Assistant Art Directors
    Michelle Perkovich
    Wayne Wrightman

    Set Decorator
    Doug McCullough

    Set Dressers
    Garth Brunt
    Ian Greig
    Julian Peters

    Onset Dresser
    Christine McLean

    Property Master
    P Alan Doucette

    Props Buyer/Builder
    Donald K. Bennett

    Lead Props
    Imre Dejonge

    Kim Litmus

    Wardrobe Designer
    Antoinette Messan

    Assistant Wardrobe Designer
    Constance Buck

    Wardrobe Mistress
    Jennifer Buck

    Wardrobe Assistants
    Anne Steele
    Sheila Radovancevic

    Script Supervisor
    Rachel Landry

    David Willetts

    Best Boy
    John Baker

    Duane Gullison
    Mark Akelson
    Bob Hicks

    Generator Operator
    Randy Jones

    Key Grip
    Christopher Dean

    Best Boy Grip
    Phillip "Buck" Lanther

    Barry Horsley
    John Traynor

    2nd Key Grip
    Gordon Forbes

    Special Effects Supervisor
    Mark Molin

    1 st Assistant Special Effects
    Jim McGillivary

    Special Effects Assistants
    Ted Shackleton
    John Griffith
    Peter Murley
    John Enders

    Construction Supervisor
    John Bankson

    Construction Foreman
    Campbell Manning

    Stand-by Painters
    Bob Lomo
    Andrew Evans

    Stand-by Carpenters
    Dave Cubitt
    Al Westlake

    Construction Crew
    Wayne Roy
    Dave Grotch
    Steve Boyd

    Stunt Coordinator
    Branko Racki

    Stunt Players
    Shelley Cook
    Robert Racki
    Helen Scott
    Robert Thomas

    Make-Up & Hair
    Jacklyn Hicks
    Akiro Wilson

    Sound Recordist
    Dan Daniels

    Boom Operator
    Gary Vaughan

    On-Set Production Assistants
    Justine Whelan
    John Edwards

    Location Manager
    David Bannigan Sr.

    Location Production Assistant
    Darren Sacks

    Assistant Off-line Editor
    Bill Oliver

    Chris Wallace

    Online Editor
    Paul Kirsch

    Sound Designer
    Terry Gordica

    Film Production cont.

    Sound Mixer
    Paul Shubat

    Dialogue Editor
    Joe Mancuso

    Foley Artist
    Steve Baine

    SFX Editor
    Andrew Roberts

    ADR Record
    Ed Poty

    "Feel The Heat" Sung by
    Lou Nadeau

    Music Engineers
    Bob Fedder
    Danny Sustar

    Production Coordinator
    Kristine M. Gilbert

    Assistant Production Coordinator
    Holden Chadwick

    Production Office Assistant
    Joseph L'Esperance

    Production Accountant
    Taylor Turzanski

    Accounting Assistants
    Norm Franks
    Andrew Nicholson

    Anne Tait Casting

    Extras Casting
    Pamela Barder Casting

    Ingrid Izzard

    Bob Donnelly

    Brian Kaulback
    John Renicwick
    Al Barnes

    On-Set Nurses
    Deborah Cossar, R.N.
    Nancy Erwin
    Lindsay Hooke
    Caroline Walsh

    Dave Noseworthy
    Neil Lumlock

    Services and Equipment Provided By:

    Set Construction
    Hot Sets

    Special Effects Equipment
    Laird McMurray Services

    William F. White Ltd.

    Panavision Canada Ltd.

    Video Post Production
    Dome Productions Inc.

    Spot Labs Inc.

    Sound Post Production
    Sounds Interchange

    Kodak Canada Inc.

    Amazing Food Services

    Stills Photography
    Lorne Wolk Photography Inc.

    Stills Assistant
    Ian Amyot

    "B Roll" Footage
    Martin Murphy, XM Productions

    Helie Security Services

    Special Thanks To:

    Executive Producers
    Jon Sian
    Richard Borchiver

    Executive in Charge of Production
    Janet B. Cuddy

    Vice President, Finance
    Harry Tremain

    Director of Communications & Publicity
    Anne O'Hagan

    Production Estimator
    Toni Blay

    Production Auditor
    Laurie Boyle

    Post Production Supervisor
    Lori A. Waters

    "Fahrenheit" From A Concept By
    Peter Loeb, Sega of America

    The Toronto Fire Department, Toronto Metropolitan Police, Toronto Film Liaison Office, The Ontario Film Development Corporation

    The Sega Test Department, Joe Miller & Michealene Cristini Risley, Sonya Sigler Desbrisay, Lewis Henderson, Julie Shapiro, William Morris Agency and Gary Randall, PARAGON ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION

    Filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with Thanks to the Agencies and People of Toronto

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    Michael Collins: Page design, HTML code, scans.
    Funk_buddy: Part number, miscellaneous data
    Eddie Herrmann: Perl script.
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