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Metal Head
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Console: Sega Genesis 32X
Year: 1995
RFG ID #: U-055-S-00120-A
Part #: 84511
UPC: 010086845112
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
K-A (ESRB): Animated Violence

Genre: Simulator
Sub-genre: First Person Shooter/Mech
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 24 Meg x1
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Overview is from the back of the box.

Bullets fly and circuits fry in heavy-duty cyborg techno-slaughter. You control Metal Head, the ultimate cyborg warrior, patrolling the charred urban destruction of the great war. And a murderous mecha-force is gunning for you!

  • INCERDIBLE 3-D textured polygon graphics engulf Metal Head in a searing firefight as cyber troops, hover craft and ground attack vehicles annihilate the planet!

  • You are the ultimate tech-destroyer with chain guns, missiles, radar tracking and Heads-up Display!

  • Head-banging heavy-metal music amps you up for pure warfare!

  • 24 megs of cyber-combat rock through war torn urban streets, bombed out farmland, scorched forests and bullet-riddled `burbs!


    Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
    Sega Mega 32X Brazil S Metal Head Tec Toy 1995 Action/Adventure
    Sega Mega Drive 32X C S Metal Head Sega 1995 Action/Adventure
    Sega Mega Drive 32X E S Metal Head Sega 1995 Action/Adventure
    Sega Mega Drive 32X Portugal S Metal Head Ecofilmes 1995 Action/Adventure
    Sega Super 32X J S Metal Head Sega 1995 Simulator
    Game Trivia:

    • ESRB Rating of K-A Ages 6+

    • 24 Meg cartridge
    Game Credits:

    Jesse Taylor

    Marketing Manager
    Haven Dubrul

    Associate Producer
    Greg Becksted

    Lead Testers
    Atom Ellis
    Peter Clark
    Dave Dodge

    Wendy Dinsmore

    Special Thanks
    Anne Jordan
    Shelly Berliner
    Clint Dyer
    Eric Smith

    Rick Greer
    John Melchoir
    Roger Somerville
    Peter Trkovsky
    Mark Subotnick
    Edward Riel
    Jon Ries
    Joe Cain
    Rachel Briston
    Jennifer Vernon
    Patrick Tello
    Arnold Feener
    Jason Friedman
    Erick Simonich
    Dana Green
    Kenneth Ratcliff
    Stan Weaver
    Bart Larrenaga
    Leonard Sayers
    Ilya Reeves
    Crisi Albertson
    Chris Lucich
    Howard Gipson

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