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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator
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Console: Sega Genesis 32X
Year: 1994
RFG ID #: U-055-S-00250-A
Part #: 84521
UPC: 010086845211
Developer: High Voltage Software
Publisher: Interplay
K-A (ESRB): Mild Animated Violence

Genre: Simulator
Players: 1-2
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge
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Overview is from the back of the box.


Command the Starfleet's finest vessels and pilot your way through dozens of stunning scenarios. Sneak through Klingon gauntlet to rescue thousands of colonists... or lose you whole crew in a warp core breach. Can you master the legendary Kobayashi Maru scenario?

  • Command five different Federation vessels! Warp through space aboard the bridge of a star cruiser.
  • Serve your initiation as a cadet and work to the ultimate honor of command!
  • Experience the beauty of the final frontier in high-speed 3D polygon graphics.
  • Game Trivia:

    • ESRB Rating of K-A Ages 6+
    Game Credits:

    Executive Producer
    Alan Pavlish

    William Church
    Roberi Sitton
    Damion Davis
    Cary Penczek
    Pete McLennon
    Jerome Kavaganis

    Darryl Dion Hawkins

    3D Modeling
    Darryl Dion Hawkins

    Original Scenario Design
    Scott Bennie

    Additional Design
    Scott Everts
    Jeremy Barnes

    Classic Mission Scenarios Design
    Darryl Dion Hawkins

    Sound Effects & Music
    Ken Allen

    Manual Writer
    Zina Powers

    Manual Design
    Uleises Gerardo
    Richard Verdoni

    Quality Assurance Director
    Jeremy Barnes

    Lead Tester
    Larry Smith

    Sega Special Thanks To
    Steve Ackrich
    Joy Sneer
    Jane Chaney
    J. Tony Smith
    Brian Paw
    Steve Goodale
    Jeff Gregg
    Earl Malit
    Curtis Clarkson

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