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Discworld, Terry Pratchett's [Long Box - Ridged]
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Console: Sony PlayStation
Year: 1995
RFG ID #: U-061-S-03230-A
Part #: SCUS-94600
UPC: 711719460022
Developer: Teeny Weeny Games
Publisher: Psygnosis
T (ESRB): Mature Sexual Themes , Use of Alcohol and Tobacco

Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller, Mouse
Media Format: CD-ROM
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Right then, we've all had our fun with the ol' point 'n click right? Well we're not going to monkey around 'ere and take a good, wholesome look at Discworld, released for almost everyfin' out in '95. You can find this ol' game for DOS, Mac, Playstation, and the Sega Saturn (if you live in Europe or Japan).

Ok, I've had my fun trying to act like I have an unspecified English accent, my fake accent is better in person I swear, you twat! Since the game is based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of novels you can expect the same writing from the books. The plot is mostly based on the novel Guards! Guards! but Rincewind is the main protagonist of the game. No complaints in the writing and story department.

I recently found the Playstation version, which was only ever pressed and released in the old longbox form in the USA. This is an incredibly early game in the Playstation's lifecycle, but it was primarily developed for DOS. Even though the game is 2D the optimization for the PS1 is not smooth, and slowdown occurs seemingly whenever anything of note happens, even if it repeats constantly.

Saving and loading is annoying in this game, to save the game you have to reformat the save seemingly randomly, which erases the file, just so you can save another file. Its strange and just too many steps to save a game to a memory card. Loading is also stupid, you have to let a new game start, open the menu, then load the game from there. This just shows how poorly optimized the game is, but since its one of the first PS1 games ever can it really be blamed? I say, "yes."

I will say that the voice acting in Discworld is amazing. The game was developed by British companies Teeny Weeny Games and Perfect 10 Productions, and published by future Sony studio Psygnosis (RIP). The British is strong with this one, and the cast shows its brilliance throughout the game. Rincewind is (mostly) voiced by Monty Python alum Eric Idle, who is a great fit for the humor of Pratchett's writing style.

Like any point and click adventure you will be charged with solving many puzzles, both large and small. Some of these puzzles are insanely easy, the item to use will be glaringly obvious, other times you'll have to really sit down and go through your entire inventory to exhaust all your options before you come across the correct answer. If you're a fan of Pratchett's work you may enjoy this game if you have any bit of love for point and clicks, if you can't stand the genre at all then this game could become quite the nuisance and annoy you.

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that despite its technical problems I still find the PS1 version to be quite playable. The bad news is the price. If you're going online to buy this the cheapest and easiest option is to buy the Playstation release. The price could still run you $30+ though if you're wanting the box and manual, and its sequel is not far behind. If you luck out like me and find it in nice shape, and complete, for $5 at a thrift store then take that sucker home!

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sony PlayStation DK, FI, FR, DE, IT, NL, ES, SE, GB S Discworld, Terry Pratchett's Psygnosis 1995 Adventure
Sony PlayStation Germany S Discworld, Terry Pratchett's Psygnosis 1995 Adventure
Sony PlayStation J S Discworld, Terry Pratchett's Media Entertainment 1996 Adventure
Sony PlayStation J S Discworld, Terry Pratchett's [Best of the Best] Media Entertainment 2000 Adventure
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