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Nuclear Strike
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Console: Sony PlayStation
Year: 1997
RFG ID #: U-061-S-08570-A
Part #: SLUS-00518
UPC: 014633078121
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
T (ESRB): Animated Violence , Realistic Violence

Genre: Shooter
Sub-genre: Third-person/Helicoptor
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: CD-ROM x1
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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sony PlayStation U S Nuclear Strike [PS Extreme Sticker] Electronic Arts 1997 Shooter
Sony PlayStation U S Nuclear Strike [Greatest Hits] Electronic Arts 2002 Shooter
Sony PlayStation United Kingdom S Nuclear Strike Electronic Arts 1997 Shooter
Sony PlayStation SE, GB S Nuclear Strike Electronic Arts 1997 Shooter
Sony PlayStation Germany S Nuclear Strike Electronic Arts 1997 Shooter
Sony PlayStation France S Nuclear Strike Electronic Arts 1997 Shooter
Sony PlayStation GR, IT, NL S Nuclear Strike Electronic Arts 1997 Shooter
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Game Trivia:

    Technical Details:
    • Memory Card 1 block
FAQ's/External Links:


Move vehicle
Wingtip system
Jink left/right
Activates weapon-specific targeting box
Toggle HUD/compass
Enter SMFD/pause
Change view
R2 + L2
Drop cargo
Game Credits:

Game Credits Game Design
  • Game Director: John Manley
  • Creative Director: Michael Becker
  • Game Designer: R. J. Berg
  • Assistant Game Designers: Alex DiRicco, Lisa Hoffman, Michael Lubuguin, Aaron McClay, Paul Niehaus
  • Director of Development: Jim Rushing
  • Engineering Manager: Scott Taylor
  • Technical Director: Thomas Boyd
  • Lead Engineer: David Gregory
  • Software Engineers: Gene Cook, Randy Dillon, Ken Dyke, Frank Giraffe, Jeffrey Litz
  • Release Engineer: Michael Yasko
  • Audio Engineering: Don Veca
  • Project Manager: Lisa Marie Lamb
  • Localization Coordinator: Lisa Marie Lamb
  • Localization Assistance: Atsuko Matsumoto
  • Art Direction: Margaret Foley
  • 3‑D Modeling: Vince Arroyo, Giovanni Luis, Marcelino Vilaubi
  • Terrain: Wilfredo Aguilar, Valerie Couderc, Arthur Koch, Luis Sremac, Ivaylo Yaklinov
  • Modeling/Animation Interns: Santiago Nunez, Tania Soderman
  • Figure Animation: Jules Marino
  • Pyro Animation: Phillip Bossant
  • Additional Terrain: Bill Eral
  • Additional 3‑D Cinematics: David Plunkett
Audio and Media Lab
  • Director of Audio and Media Production: Murray Allen
  • Audio Director‑Composer: Don Veca
  • Composer: David O'Neal
  • Audio Design‑Mixer: Ken Felton
  • Audio Design: Marc Farley, Charles Stockley
  • Audio Tools Consultant: Jim Sproul
  • Audio Technical Director: Rob Hubbard
  • Compressionist: Eric Kornblum
  • Video Manager: Jerry Newton
  • European Recording Supervisor: David Lapp
  • European Recording Quality Control: David Whittaker
  • Executive Producer: Paul Grace
  • Producer: Michael Kosaka
  • Assistant Producer: Trevor Jalowitz
  • Director, Strike Property: Rod Swanson
Strike Testing Team
  • Testing Manager: Kurt Hsu
  • Testing Supervisor: David Costa
  • Lead Tester: Rosalie Vivanco
  • Backup Lead Tester: Robert Luster
  • Test Team: William Chan, Son Chang, Kevin Fung, Nirave Kadakia, Manuel Morales
  • Product Marketing: Albert Penello, Michael Quigley, Frank Gibeau
  • European Product Manager: Clive Downie
  • Public Relations Managers: Mary Leddy
  • Documentation: Andrea Engstrom
  • Documentation Layout: Tom Peters
  • Package Art Direction: Jennie Maruyama
  • Package Design: Mary Mitchell
Quality Assurance
  • Quality Assurance: Sean Baity, John Pemberton, Oliver Ng, Barry Feather
Video Credits Screenplay
  • Screenplay: Flint Dille (Ground Zero Productions)
Full Screen Video Sequences
  • Full Screen Video Sequences: Palomar Pictures
  • Director: Mitch Walker (Palomar Pictures)
  • Producer: Larry Shapiro (Palomar Pictures)
  • Andrea Gray: Sue Turner-Cray
  • General Earle: John Marzulli
  • Hack: Antwon Tanner
  • LeMonde: Beau Hopkins
  • Naja: Moon Bloodgood
  • Cash: James Donovan
  • Hwong: Phillip Tan
  • Foreign General: Bingo Dinh
  • Stunts: Phillip Tan, Monty Cox
  • Additional Voices: James Kevin Ward (as Jim Ward)
Title and Strike.Files
  • Title and Strike.Files: Bob Rossman (Compositing and effects - Electronic Arts)
SMFD Videos
  • SMFD Videos: Michael Marsh (Editor - Electronic Arts), Waddy Dacay (3-D animation - Electronic Arts), Video Footage, Airboss Stock Footage, BBC Worldwide Americas Inc, The Image Bank
Audio Design, EFX and Editing
  • Audio Design, EFX and Editing: Electronic Arts
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