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Conker's Bad Fur Day
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Console: Nintendo 64
Year: 2001
RFG ID #: U-064-S-00480-A
UPC: 045496870805
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Rare
M (ESRB): Strong Language , Animated Violence , Mature Sexual Themes

Genre: Platformer
Sub-genre: 3D
Players: 1-4
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 64 Meg x1
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Conker's Bad Fur Day (Conker's BFD) is a 3D platformer with gorgeous graphics and huge levels, often presenting gamers with very hilarious challenges.

From the back of the game's box:
"The day after his 21st birthday bash, Conker's sporting the worst hangover ever, and he just can't seem to find his way home. Prepare to stagger through randy, raunchy, raucous scenarios crammed full of bad manners, twisted humor, and graphic bodily functions. Unless you're a fan of violence foul language, and racy innuendo, you'd best steer clear of this one."

On top of all that fun, there are more movie parodies in Conker's BFD than you can shake a stick at. With voice-over cut scenes and NPC's that range from backwards farm equipment to evil stuffed teddy bears, Conker's Bad Fur Day never ceases to amaze. There is also a multi-player mode, so grab your friends (if you have any) and either team up or have a free for all death match.

This is one very smart and funny platformer that almost turned out to be a cute and cuddly fluff fest called Twelve Tails: Conker's Quest. So instead of fighting a huge pile of singing poop, Conker's Quest would see the player controlling Conker, trying to find over 100 house-warming gifts that had been stolen from Conker and his girlfriend Berri. Thankfully, Nintendo and Rare saw the light and decided that the world does not need another kiddie platformer. And so Conker's BFD was born.

This title was released at the end of the N64's run and is a must-own title for N64 gamers.

Extra Media:

Bradygames Official Strategy Guide front
Bradygames Official Strategy Guide back
Nintendo Power Insert (U/NUS-NFUE-USA)
Consumer Information and Precautions Booklet (U/NUS-USA/CAN-1)

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo 64 A S Conker's Bad Fur Day Rare 2001 Platformer
Nintendo 64 Brazil S Conker's Bad Fur Day Rare / Gradiente 2001 Platformer
Nintendo 64 FR, DE, GB S Conker's Bad Fur Day THQ 2001 Platformer
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Microsoft Xbox United Kingdom S Conker: Live & Reloaded [PEGI Release] Microsoft 2005 Platformer
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Game Trivia:

  • Rated 'M' for 'Mature' by the ESRB.
  • Packaged in a standard N64-style cardboard box.
  • Was adapted from a game Rare was previously developing, called Twelve Tails: Conker's Quest. The game would have been a standard 3D platformer, but eventually Rare decided that the N64 already had enough of those. Twelve Tails was re-worked into the much different, and more mature, game that it is today.
  • This game was published by THQ in Europe, possibly due to Nintendo of Europe's stronger censorship rules.
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