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Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble
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Alternate Title:Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble
Console: Nintendo Game Boy Color
Year: 2001
RFG ID #: U-069-S-01720-A
UPC: 045496731250
Developer: Nintendo R&D2
Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Action
Sub-genre: Action Puzzle
Players: 1
Controller: Built-in Tilt control
Media Format: Cartridge
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This overview is taken from the back of the box

Brace yourself for Tilt Response Technology!
Tilt control offers a completely new and unique game-play experience! Move you Game Boy Color every which way to control Kirby's on-screen actions--snap it up to make him jump, shake it to rev his engine, and tilt it forward, backward and side to side to roll him in all directions. You'll tip, tilt and tumble Kirby through his latest adventure and end up turning yourself topsy-turvy in the process.
  • Roll full-tilt through Dreamland--dozens of levels await, cplete with multiple branches, hidden levels, perplexing puzzles and plenty of pesky pests.
  • Have a ball with all-new Kirby action! Flip Kirby into the air to clear chasms, battle baddies and soar the skies. Send Kirby racing down rapids or rolling across tricky tracks. Tilt response puts control in the palm of your hand.
  • Master the min-games for maximum fun - Kirby dances, drives and dashes to the finish--but only if you can master the tilt techniques.

After three stellar titles and stunning spin-offs, fans were left wondering "When is Kirby going to return to the Game Boy Color system?" Their collective wishes were granted in 2001 towards the end of the system's life, but the results were a bit of a surprise. This game had something special, something that wouldn't regularly implemented in gaming for another 5 years.


The cartridge had a built-in tilt controller that let you roll Kirby around on-screen. A little flick and he jumps out at you. Generally you wander through the courses, often with different routes you could take. The levels are generally scattered with hazards or have narrow straights you must traverse without falling. Apart from rolling a raft level and puffed-up flying level give a fair helping of diversity to the backgrounds.

The tilt control proves to be deeply engrossing and you likely will get more than a few hours of gameplay within your first sitting. As with all Kirby games, the levels are cartoony and brightly colored with music to match.

The only complaint is the negative effects of the alternative control scheme. As the Game Boy Color is not back-lit, a good light source is needed, and with how much you are changing the screen angle, you will inevitably hit a spot where the glare washes out your view. While compatible with the Game Boy Advance, GB Advance SP, and GB Player, I would not recommend it because screen placement and cartridge orientation really affect how the game feels and plays.

The later levels do get difficult, but this game does offer a challenge; while offering a new control scheme that doesn't feel like a gimmick. It's release near the Advance launch made this an instant bargain bin hit, but don't let the price fool you.

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo Game Boy Color J S Koro Koro Kirby Nintendo 2000 Puzzle
Game Trivia:

  • Features a built-in tilt controller
  • At E3 2002, a sequel called Roll-o-rama (previously called Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble 2 at Space World) was announced for the GameCube. It was designed to make use of the Game Boy Advance's linking capabilities. To date it has not been released.
FAQ's/External Links:


Instructions as printed in the manual

How to Play

Just tilt your Game Boy Color!
To move Kirby, simply tilt your Game Boy Color system. You don't need to press any buttons.
  • Kirby rolls in the direction you tilt!
    • Tilt Down
    • Tilt Left
    • Tilt Right
    • Tilt Up
  • Pop Kirby Up!
    • Quckly tilt up to make Kirby flip into the air.
Kirby - "To make me move, tilt your Game Boy Color system just like you would if I were rolling around on top of it!"

Here's what the buttons do!
  • Control Pad
    • Scroll across the map
    • Press on the Control Pad to see the right side of the map.
  • Select
    • Reset the tilt balance
  • Start
    • Pause the game
  • B Button
    • Cancel a selection
    • Make floor selections appear in Blue Outlined Tiles
  • A Button
    • Make a selection
    • Jump out of a hole
    • Fire an Air Blast when flying
    • Paddle faster when on a raft
    • Make floor sections appear in Red Outlined Tiles


When you power on the Game Boy Color with the game in place, you will be greeted with a calibration screen. Hold your Game Boy perfectly flat and press A. The game won't play well if it is poorly calibrated. If he doesn't roll how you want, press Select in-game to re-calibrate.
Easter Eggs:

  • Find a Blue Star and carry it, all the way to the end of the course to play a mini-game on the Bonus Star. These mini-games include:
    1. Kirby's Burst-a-Baloon
    2. Kirby's Hurdle Race
    3. Do the Kirby
    4. Kirby's Roll-o-Rama
    5. Kirby's Chicken Race
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