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Shantae [Limited Run Games]
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Console: Nintendo Game Boy Color
Region: US United States
Year: 2021
RFG ID #: U-069-S-03481-A
UPC: 819976025210
Developer: WayForward Technologies
Publisher: Limited Run Games
E10+ (ESRB): Cartoon Violence , Suggestive Themes

Genre: Platformer
Sub-genre: 2D Platformer
Players: 1
Controller: System Controls
Media Format: Cartridge
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Genie-girl Shantae is the self-appointed guardian of a small fishing village, Scuttle Town. Living life in a lighthouse rather than a bottle, she's constantly on the lookout for danger. When the nefarious lady-pirate, Risky Boots catches wind of the treasure recently unearthed in the village, she launches an attack. To get Scuttle out of trouble, it's up to Shantae to prove that she's the rightful 'Guardian Genie' to the best of her dancing, buying and hair-whipping abilites. Now crack that whip!
  • Play on the Game Boy® Advance system for enhanced color and to unlock hidden secrets
  • Over 50 locations & Mini-Games
  • Learn 'Dance Magic' to transform Shantae & perform new attacks

(Overview from the game box)
Extra Media:

Limited Run Trading Card #131

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo Game Boy Color J S Shantae [Limited Run Games - Beep Exclusive] Limited Run Games 2021 Action/Adventure
Nintendo Game Boy Color U S Shantae Capcom 2002 Action/Adventure
Nintendo Game Boy Color United States S Shantae [Limited Run Games - Collector's Edition] Limited Run Games 2021 Action/Adventure
Game Trivia:

  • Sold as a open Pre-Order for a limited time.
  • 50 Gold cartridge versions were made for WayForward and LRG staff.
  • Trading Card available as silver (90%) or gold (10%) foil.
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