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Console: Sega Dreamcast
Year: 2001
RFG ID #: U-071-S-00140-A
Part #: T-40217N
UPC: 815315000009
Developer: Treasure
Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment
E (ESRB): Animated Violence , Mild Language

Genre: Shooter
Sub-genre: Arcade Shooter
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: GD-ROM x1
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This overview refers to the European version of this game.

From the back of the box: Bangai-0, the galaxy's strongest fighting system is yours. Riki, the "self proclaimed ultimate man of al men" and his "quiet but alert" little sister Mami jointly defend the man star Vortex against the terrible influence of the SF Cosmo Gang.

Action-packed, dynamic shooter // 44 levels // Mind and skills level, unique shoot'em up with tasks found for the first time ever in a game like this.

In this game you fly around with a jet pack while shooting at everything moving and not moving. It looks quite funky, although the characters are very small.

    This game is:
  • Visual Memory Compatible
  • 60hz Compatible (but not VGA Compatible)
  • playable in English, German or French

Oh lovely. Another shooter. Overdone you say? Well, generally, that is correct, but Bangai-O is so much more than just another shooter. It's fluid. It's different. It's superb.

Unfortunately, the Sega Dreamcast did not last as long as we had hoped. Sega has always been known for being a little early, and like all things that are too early, it fizzled out fast (pardon the pun if you caught it). If the Dreamcast could have lasted a tad longer, we might have seen more titles like this one.

Bangai-O is not a conventional shooter title. In fact, to classify it solely as a shooter would do this game a disservice. I would consider it a 2D action game. There are many points where you feel that you are just shooting enemies like any other game, but then it also feels like an action/adventure platformer along the way. Imagine Contra, Mars Matrix, and Gauntlet all combined into one game. Confused? Me too.

There are 44 levels in Bangai-O, each consisting of a boss and most having some kind of puzzle or obstacle preceding that boss. Often times, that obstacle will be no more difficult than finding your way through the map, though even that can prove challenging. Some of the later stages approach labyrinthine levels of vastness. Some levels are timed, however, and that can be extremely annoying.

Now there is really only one crummy part to this game and that is the music. The music is hidden in the background so much that it seems like the composers didn't want you to hear it. It is definitely bland and dry and it does not add anything to the game. The sound effects however, are masterfully done. Using a special move sounds so cool in surround sound, I cannot even explain it. Even the simple gunshot sounds are wonderful.

Overall, Bangai-O is an innovative game that still has nothing similar to compare it to. It is a great game that will last you some four to five hours to complete, if you can get to the end. Give it a shot. You will not be disappointed.

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Sega Dreamcast J S Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh ESP 1999 Shooter
Sega Dreamcast E S Bangai-O Swing! Entertainment 2000 Shooter
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