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Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition
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Console: Sony PlayStation 2
Year: 2008
RFG ID #: U-072-S-16310-A
Part #: SCUS-97621
UPC: 711719762126
Developer: Eat Sleep Play
Publisher: SCEA
T (ESRB): Blood and Gore , Drug Reference , Violence , Mild Language , Mild Suggestive Themes

Genre: Racing
Sub-genre: Car Combat
Players: 1-2
Controller: Standard
Media Format: DVD x1
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Tan's review:

Giving credit where credit is due, for a budget title and for being a PSP port, they did a great job bringing this to the PlayStation 2. The gameplay is incredibly fun, smooth 60fps even in 2 player play. The ďLost LevelsĒ are really great, though itís a sad story when you find out why Twisted Metal: Harbor City was cancelled in the first place and why these had never seen the light of day.

If you havenít played the PSP version before, think of it as a quasi-Twisted Metal 2 remade and enhanced. It has the old feel, the same attitude and addictiveness as well. Not the nicest looking game out there, but colourful and easy on the eyes, much more so than TM:Blackís darker tone.

Lots of bonus features, some good some bad. A great documentary on the series with interviews from key members, extremely cheesy ending movies that were cut from Twisted Metal 1, and an odd gameplay mode where you run around an empty asylum/junkyard as Sweetooth collecting factoids and concept art.

As it stands, itís a fun budget title that any shooter/Twisted Metal/car combat gamer should own. For the low price of $19.99 itís a good deal and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Extra Media:

The Art of Twisted Metal Booklet

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sony PlayStation 2 Canada S Twisted Metal Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition SCEA 2008 Shooter
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Game Trivia:

This is the first game developed by Eat Sleep Play, the independent studio formed by Twisted Metal series creators David Jaffe and Scott Campbell.

Includes all sorts of nifty features:
  • The original version of Twisted Metal: Head-On for the PSP, ported to the Playstation 2 with enhanced graphics, running at 60 FPS, and an all-new bonus level.
  • Four levels from the scrapped sequel for Twisted Metal: Black
  • Sweet Tour mode: an interactive level based on the on-foot combat portion of Twisted Metal: Black 2 where you take control of Sweet Tooth and run around viewing factoids and information from the Twisted Metal developers.
  • A Continuous Suicide Of Reason: The Art Of Twisted Metal: An artbook with concept art dating all the way back to the first game.
  • The Dark Past: A half hour long documentary featuring interviews with Scott Campbell and David Jaffe about the history of the series.
  • The Lost Ending Movies: A collection of (extremely cheesy) live-action end movies that David Jaffe directed in 1995 for the original Twisted Metal that never made it into the final game because Sony deemed them "too sexist and violent."
  • A ticket to download Twisted Metal Symphony, a collection of 42 songs from Twisted Metal 1, 2, Black, and Head-On.
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