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Phantasy Star Collection
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Console: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Year: 2002
RFG ID #: U-074-S-03610-A
UPC: 785138321271
Developer: Sega
Publisher: THQ
E (ESRB): Violence

Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Controller: System Controls
Media Format: Cartridge x1
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Compilation of the first three Phantasy Stars.

Phantasy Star Collection is a tiny game which manages to contain three massive RPGs. Well, actually two rpgs and one unplayable piece of crap. Regardless though, Phantasy Star Collection is a great purchase for those who love the Phantasy Star series, or just like good old fashioned RPGs.

The games included in this compilation are Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star 2, and the red headed step child we all want dead Phantasy Star 3. The first two are both outstanding games, the third one is literally a piece of crap. Really, I cannot stress enough how terrible Phantasy Star 3 is. I mean damnit they could have, and should have, included the amazing Phantasy Star 4, but you know what? Instead we get this ****y attempt at being the 'Zelda 2' of the Phantasy Star series. I mean damnit, I thought we all agreed years ago Phantasy Star 3 does not exist in any form but for the love of, Satan most likely because I don't even think God would allow Sega to continue porting Phantasy Star 3.

Hate for Phantasy Star 3 aside, for now, I will digress and talk a bit about this compilation. Phantasy Star 1 and 2 are both solid games. Hard as balls, in fact Phantasy Star 2 is near impossible without internet maps for the dungeons on Dezo, but whatever the game was made when games cost like $80 and people would level grind and get lost for hours just so the $80 would be well spent. I mean, this isn't too terribly bad, but be warned, Phantasy Star 2 is a ball buster. Phantasy Star 1 is supposed to be harder but I really don't see it. That game was just awesome from start to finish. Pseudo 3d dungeons set the game apart from your typical RPG, and surprisingly the story is somewhat interesting. Oh yeah, Phantasy Star 2 has an amazing ending if you manage to get that far. Is it worth it? Maybe.

Every copy of Phantasy Star 3 should be burned. Now you may be saying, Shimra isn't that a bit harsh? The game tried something new and in my opinion it suceeded. My rebuttle is my opinion is fact, and Phantasy Star 3 is crap. Maybe it isn't nearly as terrible as say Shaq-Fu or Bubsy 3d, but damn is it bad. I know there are people who like it, but I'm sorry, I despise it. Even though Phantasy Star 3 is 1/3 of the compilation, I feel it is necessary to take up 3/4 of this review talking about how bad of a game it is. Really, I despise it. Sega knows Phantasy Star 3 is the Jamie Kennedy of videogames, so why did they include it in this compilation? After playing Phantasy Star 1 and 2 I had high hopes for 3, but upon playing I had the urge to gouge out my eyes with a pitchfork and rip off my nuts. What does that have to do with the game you may be wondering; nothing. It just would have been way more fun than playing that festering piece of crap.

Don't get me wrong. I love Phantasy Star, and I love Phantasy Star 2, I just think Phantasy Star 3 is terrible beyond all belief. If it wasn't for that burning pile of rubbish I would have scored this compilation higher, but since Phantasy Star 3 is included instead of Phantasy Star 4, I have to knock it a few points. Oh yeah, there's also this saving glitch in Phantasy Star 1. When you try to save, if the music is looping the game freezes, so essentially it doesn't save and you're screwed. That's really why I'm docking this compilation points.

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo Game Boy Advance FR, IT, ES, GB S Phantasy Star Collection Infogrames 2003 RPG
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Shimra really doesn't like Phantasy Star 3.
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