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WarioWare: Twisted!
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Alternate Title:Wario Ware: Twisted
Console: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Year: 2005
RFG ID #: U-074-S-06530-A
UPC: 045496735296
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
E (ESRB): Cartoon Violence , Crude Humor

Genre: Action
Sub-genre: Mini Games
Players: 1
Controller: Tilt Sensor and A Button
Media Format: Cartridge x1
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Waaa-rio here! I'm back with a twitchy game that's as twisted as me! It's got over 200 all-new microgames and more than 130 unlockable souvenirs. It's easy to pick up, but impossible to put down. Buy it now and make me rich!

Dr. Crygor's twisted new invention has set everyone spinning...

So, grab your Game Boy Advance and give it a whirl!


Wario is an interesting character. Greedy, fat, and a person with a huge nose, Wario is not quite Mario's polar opposite, but then he is in no way his twin. It is then only fitting that such a quirky, addicting series would be given a Wario monkier. The WarioWare series plays completely on Wario's character and leads to strange games that are a lot of fun. Enter the third iteration (or second if you are located in Japan) of the WarioWare franchise - WarioWare: Twisted!

The premise of Twisted suprisingly similar to the premises of the previous iterations. Wario enlists his friends to concoct over 200 microgames so that he can accumulate a large amount of money. The games are arranged and played much like they are in the other iterations - each character has a theme, and games are played in continuous succession while the pace becomes faster and faster until the character runs out his four tries. Each character also has a boss game, and successfully completing it successfully restores a try. It sounds much like its predecessors, no? But, there's a twist! (Bad pun, yes, I know) Twisted features a built-in rumble feature and tilt sensor, and all games function by either pressing the A button, tilting the Game Boy, or a combination of both. This setup leads to some very interesting microgames. Imagine playing Nintendo Classics in with this setup. It leads to some really crazy antics. Imagine playing the classic Super Mario Brothers, where instead of using a D-pad you are forced to tilt the GBA in the direction that you want to go. It leads to a lot of fun, and every game is like this. It makes the game a blast.

In addition to the microgames, there are also over 130 souvenirs that you can accumulate. The souvenirs are much like tech demos where they show off the capabilities of the GBA and tilt sensor cart. Some are even games, and some are music from the game. (which is really good) The souvenirs are really addicting, as simplistic as they may be. I personally enjoy pissing off the pet cat by continuously petting her head really fast. Eventually she starts sneering if you piss her off too much. However, you can also make her happy by petting her real slow, and she will eventually fall asleep. All of these souvenirs are completely uneeded for the story, but add a huge amount of replay to the game as you play them and try unlocking them.

WarioWare:Twisted! is a gem. It takes a new way of playing a game and makes it a showstopper, not a novelty. Anyone who loves the original or Touched! should definitely pick this game up, and those who have never heard of the series would be missing out not to give this game a try.

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo Game Boy Advance J S Mawaru Made in Wario Nintendo 2004 Action
Nintendo Game Boy Advance A S WarioWare: Twisted! Nintendo 2005 Action
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Easter Eggs:

  • Twisting the title screen will rearrange the Twisted part of the title
  • There are 8 microgames run by the character Fronk. These games appear at random in anyone's set of games. Who is Fronk? Well, he is a tiny yellow thing that has randomly appeared in previous games!
  • Unlocking souvenirs is not hard at all! After you clear a story level for the first time return to that character and start that set of games over again. Once you clear the boss level, not only will you be onslaughtted with a higher level of microgames, you'll also be treated with a souvenir!
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