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Halo 2 [Limited Collector's Edition]
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Console: Microsoft Xbox
Year: 2004
RFG ID #: U-075-S-01390-B
Part #: M4100031
UPC: 805529884236
Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
M (ESRB): Blood and Gore , Language , Violence

Genre: Shooter
Sub-genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1-4, 1-16 Online
Controller: Standard Controller, Headset
Media Format: DVD x2
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Extra Media:

Limited Collector's Edition Disc
Do Not Sell Before 11/09/04 Seal
Conversations From The Universe insert
Holographic Sticker
XBox Live subscription card & promo card, front
XBox Live subscription card & promo card, back
XBox games booklet
Open case

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Microsoft Xbox United Kingdom S Halo 2 [Trial Offer Inside] Microsoft Game Studios 2004 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox United Kingdom S Halo 2 [Made in Ireland] Microsoft Game Studios 2004 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox United Kingdom S Halo 2 [Made in Germany] Microsoft Game Studios 2004 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox United Kingdom S Halo 2 [Limited Collector's Edition] Microsoft 2004 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox BE, FR S Halo 2 Microsoft 2004 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox AT, DE, CH S Halo 2 Microsoft Game Studios 2004 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox AT, DE, CH S Halo 2 [Limitierte Sammler-Edition] Microsoft Game Studios 2004 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox DK, FI, NO, SE S Halo 2 Microsoft Game Studios 2004 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox J S Halo 2 Microsoft Game Studios 2004 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox U S Halo 2 Microsoft Game Studios 2004 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox U S Halo 2 [Platinum Hits] Microsoft 2008 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox U S Halo 2 [For Display Only] Microsoft 2004 Shooter
Game Trivia:

  • This game is 1-4 Players offline. But you can get up to 16 people together when playing on Xbox Live or through system linking
  • When playing this game on Xbox Live you can use the headset to chat or cook up a battle plan with your teammates. But be carerful near by enemies can hear you aswell!
FAQ's/External Links:

  • RedvsBlue It started with Halo and has continued into Halo 2. See the world through the eyes of the Red and Blue teams in various locations in the Halo Universe. Very funny stuff.
  • HighSpeedHalo Download and discuss videos and methods on how to get through both Halo and Halo 2 levels in the fastest time.
  • HighImpactHalo Similair to HighImpactHalo. Only that HighImpactHalo is all about the cheats, glitches and easter eggs that can be found through out the Halo series.
Game Credits:


Project Lead
Jason Jones

Executive Producer
Pete Parsons

Engineering Leads
Charlie Gough
Chris Butcher
Michael Evans
Ben Wallace

Design Leads
Paul Bertone
Jaime Griesemer

Art Director
Marcus Lehto

Writer, Director of

Joseph Staten

Composer, Audio Director
Marty O'Donnell

Multiplayer &
User-Interface Lead

Max Hoberman

Michel Bastien
Hamilton Chu
Curtis Creamer

Test Manager,
Producer BUngie.net

Harold Ryan

Hao Chen
Bernie Freidin
Bart House
Damian Isla
Jason Major
Eamon McKenzie
Mat Noguchi
Adrian Perez
Stefan Sinclair
Greg Snook
Luke Timmins

Additional Engineering
Damien Neff
Mission Designers
Tyson Green
Rob Stokes

Additional Mission Design
Hardy LeBel
Stephen Okasaki

Cinematic Designer
CJ Cowan

Lead 2D & Effects Artist
Shi Kai Wang

3D Artists
Eric Arroyo
Travis Brady
Robt McLees
Juan Ramirez

Additional 3D Art
Kelly Rains

Animators, Game
& Cinematic

Bill O'Brien
Mike Budd
John Butkus
Nathan Walpole

Additional Animation
Jeremy Fones
Stacey Moore

Lead Environment Artists
David Dunn
Christopher Barrett

Environment Artists

Frank Capezzuto
Vic DeLeon
Tom Doyle
Justin Hayward
Paul Russell
Michael Wu
Mike Zak

Additional Single-Player
Environment Art

Chris Lee

Lead Multiplayer
Environment Artist

Chris Carney
Environment Artist
Steve Cotton

User Interface
David Candland

Art Production
Paul Clift

Steve Scott

Matte Painting
Eddie Smith

Audio Lead
Jay Weinland

Sound Designer
C Paul Johnson

Test Leads
Doug Boyce
Jamie Evans
Zach Russell

Test Tools Engineering
Aaron Lieberman
Luis Villegas
Roger Wolfson

Software Test Engineers
Mike Cody
Ryan Hylland
Travis Chen, intern

Bungie.net Lead
Brian Jarrard

Bungie.net Team
Tom Gioconda
Lorraine McLees
Frank O'Connor
Bungie Webmaster

Additional Bungie.net

Christopher Barney
Zoé Brawley
Claire Jennings
Matt Soell

Bungie Princesses
Alta Hartmann
Amanda Anderson

Additional Support
Steve Abeyta
The Ant Farm
- Titles & Trailers
J. David Atherton
- Digital Recording

Dawn Hershey, C.S.A.
- Casting Director
Jim & Esmerelda
- Making of Halo 2

ReelFX, Creative Studios,
- Additional Cinematic

Michael Salvatori
- Additional Music &
Audio Production

Steve Vai
- Appears courtesy of Epic

Lee Wilson
- Storyboard Artist

Cinematic Cast
(in alphabetical order)
Dee Baker
- Gravemind
Julie Benz
- Miranda Keyes
Hamilton Camp
- Prophet of Mercy
Tim Dadabo
- 343 Guilty Spark
Robert Davi
- SpecOps Leader
Keith David
- Arbiter
Steve Downes
- Master Chief
Robin Atkin Downes
- Prophet of Regret
Miguel Ferrer
- Heretic Leader
John Michael Higgins
- 2401 Penitent Tangent
Ron Perlman
- Lord Hood
Kevin Michael Richardson
- Tartarus
David Scully
- Sergeant Johnson
Jen Taylor
- Cortana
Michael Wincott
- Prophet of Truth

Artificial Intelligence Cast
Ken Boynton
- Brute
David Cross
- Marine
Tim Dadabo
- Marine
Chris Edgerly
- Brute
Orlando Jones
- Marine Sergeant
John Kassir
- Marine
Andy McKage
- Marine
Marty O'Donnell
- Jackals, Hunters, & Flood
Brian Posehn
- Grunt
Laura Prepon
- Marine
Michelle Rodriguez
- Marine
David Scully
- Elite
Pete Stacker
- Marine Sergeant
Joseph Staten
- Grunt
Norm Woodel
- Elite

Additional Voices by
The Bungie Auxiliary

Casting & Voice-Over
Production Services


User Testing
John Hopson
Randy Pagulayan

Xbox Marketing & PR
Chuck Blevens
Jen Martin
Cameron Payne
Genevieve Waldman
Orlena Yeung

Peter Fitzpatrick
Kyoung Ho Han
Mitsuru Kitamura
Robert Shih-Wei Lin
Victoria Olson
Jason Shirley

Xbox Platfrom
&Xbox Live

Mei-Mei Bong
Michal Bortnik
Sam CHarchian
Tony Chen
Michael Courage
Brent E. Curtis
Tristan Jackson
Daniel McGillicuddy
Boyd Multerer
Anthony Smith
Jason Strayer
Van Van

Additional Test
Adrian Brown
Jeremy Fischer
Domenic Koeplin
Matt Shimabuku
Justin Jones

Manual Design
Jeannie Voirin

User Experience
Caitlin Sullivan
Matt Whiting

Special thanks:
Robbie Bach, Matt Case,
Lev Chapelski, FASA
Studios, Ed Fries,
Nick Gray, Shane Kim,
Peter Moore, Stuart
Moulder, Alex Seropian.
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