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Animal Crossing: Wild World
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Console: Nintendo DS
Year: 2005
RFG ID #: U-087-S-00450-A
UPC: 045496735920
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Simulator
Sub-genre: Life Simulation
Players: 1-4
Controller: System Controls
Media Format: DS Card
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Your world just got a lot bigger...

Get ready to start a new life! Whether you want to decorate your home, catch bugs or fish, join in on special evnts, or just chat with the locals, there's always plenty to do! And now you can share the good times with friends near and far using either local wireless or the Nintrendo Wi-Fi Connection.

  • Accessorize your life with over 600 new items!
  • Design constellations, clothes, and flags with the Touch Screen. Hootie-toot!
  • Visit friends near and far over local wireless or the internet...
  • Hang out with your friends in real time and kick back with a quick fishing competition.

There are a certain few games out there that can take a task as mundane as picking fruit or chopping trees and implement it into a game that is certain interesting. There are even fewer games that implement those tasks and cute furry animals to make a game that is not only interesting, but enjoyable. Animal Crossing: Wild World is one of those games that might just happen to do that.

Animal Crossing is perhaps the second best selling DS franchise in Japan behind the Brain Training series, which is currently selling like wild fire. What could it possibly be that makes this game so popular? For starters, Animal Crossing is a game with no defined goals. You can do what you want, how you want, when you want to, all for free. Want to terrorize the cute, cuddly Animals living in your town? You can do that by writing them dirty letters or just flat out being mean to them. Likewise, you could also be a nice person. The truth is that you can do a lot of things in this world, that in reality may be boring and dull, but somehow this game turns them into an experience that keeps you returning for more.

While Animal Crossing may not have any true goals, it does have some major themes that the game revolves around. It can be said that Animal Crossing has a central theme of building and nuturing friendships within the game. Building and fostering friendships happen in two main ways. First, it is really smart to talk to your animal friends everyday. It is also wise to send those Animals that you really like letters with presents. They will get pretty angry if you do not visit them often, or at least send them a letter. A neglected animal has a higher tendency to move out than those you do not. However, there is still a possibility that those friends you visit will move out. Like in real life, sometimes animals just need to move somewhere else for various reasons. The other main theme of the game could be considered to be the need for your character to make a name for himself. Your character can do this in several ways. He (she) could build up their house to massive proportions and furnish it with wonderful adornments. To do that though, one would need to make money. One could do that by doing such mundane activities as fishing, picking fruit, digging fossils, running errands and selling the assets gained to your dear town shop keeper, Tom Nook. The bells (money) that he gives you will allow you to buy new furniture for your house, get a cup of joe at the local cafe, buy some new clothes, or pay off that house loan. The open endedness of this game is something that adds greatly to the replay value of the game.

Players also would be pleased to know that they can actually utilize Nintendo Wifi Connection to visit other people and their towns. Conversely, people are also able to visit your town. This feature allows you to visit their store, get their fruit (non-native fruit costs a lot more), exchange items, and visit the inhabitants of their town. This feature is a welcome one that adds an element to the game that was not seen in the original game, and allows such oddities as Nookbay to exist.

A game such with a scope as large as Animal Crossing is destined to disappoint a few people in one way or another. The single largest disappointment one can expect from this game is the lack of NES games included. However, had you never played the original game you would not have expected those, and as such should not be disappointed by their lack of inclusion. Regardless of this potential disappointment, Animal Crossing: Wild World is a game that literally will have you coming back day after day to find out what new things are occuring in town. It truly is a wild world out there, and I highly recommend DS owners to check this game out.

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Extra Media:

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo DS AU, NZ S Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo 2005 Simulator
Nintendo DS Sweden S Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo 2006 Simulator
Nintendo DS BE, FR, NL S Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo 2006 Simulator
Nintendo DS E S Animal Crossing: Wild World [Demo] Nintendo Simulator
Nintendo DS E S Animal Crossing: Wild World [Broadcast Version] Nintendo Non-Game
Nintendo DS United Kingdom S Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo 2005 Simulator
Nintendo DS DE, CH S Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo 2005 Simulator
Nintendo DS Canada S Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo 2005 Simulator
Nintendo DS U S Animal Crossing: Wild World [Relay Version] Nintendo Non-Game
Nintendo DS K S Nolleooseyo Dongmurui Sup Nintendo 2007 Simulator
Nintendo DS J S Oide yo Doubutsu no Mori Nintendo 2005 Simulator
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Game Trivia:

  • The Royal Crown fetches 300,000 bells!
FAQ's/External Links:

Easter Eggs:

  • You can be friends with Sable, the quiet seamstress of Able Sisters! Simply talk to her every day for several days and eventually she will talk to you as a friend.
  • To get the golden shovel, bury a shovel and dig it back up 24 hours later.
  • To avoid seeing Mr. Resetti, go into wifi settings before signing on. It will trick the game into thinking the game crashed due to a wifi error!
  • Periodically signing on Nintendo Wifi is good! Periodically you will get goodies in your mailbox.
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