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Lost Magic
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Console: Nintendo DS
Year: 2006
RFG ID #: U-087-S-01040-A
Part #: NTR-AM9E-USA
UPC: 008888163022
Developer: Taito
Publisher: Ubisoft
E (ESRB): Mild Fantasy Violence

Genre: RPG
Players: 1-2
Controller: System Controls
Media Format: DS Card x1
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Lost Magic is a game that I never had any intention of purchasing. My wife picked it up for me one day as a gift. I had never heard of it and it honestly looked pretty lame. Luckily I gave it a try one day and was hooked. I couldnít put it down until I finished it, which was no easy task. Lost Magic makes heavy use of the Touch Screen and Stylus, so if that is something youíre not into this isnít the game for you. That said, if youíre a touch screen fan and you havenít played Lost Magic yet you've been missing out. The gameplay in Lost Magic is absolutely fabulous. The touch screen displays your character on the current level. The screen can be moved around using either the D-Pad or the ABXY buttons. Simply tap your character to select him and then tap the destination for him to move to. By pressing the L/R triggers a rune will appear over top of the screen (this wonít stop time either so you have to be fairly quick or plan ahead, especially in later stages). By drawing specific symbols onto the rune your character will cast various spells. These range from shooting Fireballs and Ice Spikes to other things such as Capturing Baddies or casting a Fog over the area. As you progress through the game more and more spells become available. But the game opens up into a whole new area of awesome-ness once you get the ability to combine different runes. You can pair absolutely any rune with any other. This opens up about 400 different spells. As long as you know the runes you can cast any combinations you want. Double Fireball, sure!. Icy Fireball, heck yes! Electric Healing spell, ummm yup! The possibilities seem staggering. Each level has a different objective, but most of the time it is simply clear the area of any baddies. Other stages have puzzles such as figuring out how to purify some crystals or race across the stage in a certain amount of time. The story was ok and enough to keep me interested during my play, but itís definitely not the highlight of the game. The music is extremely well done and varied. Some real toe-tappers. Normally I'm all about the console games, and that means that most handheld titles take the back seat. But Lost Magic had the feel of a console game for me. High production values with new and crisp gameplay. It can be found for quite cheap also, so I would recommend grabbing this and giving it a try even if it doesnít sound like your kind of game. You might be as surprised as I was.
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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo DS FR, GB S Lost Magic Ubisoft 2006 RPG
Nintendo DS DE, ES S Lost Magic Ubisoft 2006 RPG
Nintendo DS J S Lost Magic Ubisoft 2006 RPG
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