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Phantasy Star Universe
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Console: Microsoft Xbox 360
Year: 2006
RFG ID #: U-115-S-00790-A
Part #: 68008
UPC: 010086680089
Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
T (ESRB): Fantasy Violence , Mild Language , Mild Suggestive Themes

Genre: RPG
Sub-genre: Action RPG, MMORPG
Players: 1 Offline 1-4 Online
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: DVD x1
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The long awaited new title in the beloved Phantasy Star series is here! Phantasy Star Universe delivers a rich, ever evolving world and provides hours of entertainment to both online and offline RPG enthusiasts. Single-player fans embark on an offline quest as Ethan Waber, a 17-year old cadet intent on saving his sister from an invasion of mysterious life forces called THE SEED. While online players create their own characters from a range of races, and then set off to explore all three planets in the Gurhal solar system. Fans travel with a squad of other adventurers through urban sprawls teeming with hundreds of other players, while developing their avatars into powerful warriors.

  • hree enormous planets to explore. A gigantic overworld and more than 20 enormous dungeons are featured.
  • All-new enemies to fight. Along with a brand-new roster of standard opponents, there are more than 15 major bosses to challenge.
  • Player-controlled vehicles. Players no longer need to travel everywhere by foot, adding a new dimension to exploration.
  • The best online Phantasy Star experience to date. Features a game world that will evolve with new content over the course of several years.
Extra Media:

Brady Games Guide Cover
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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Microsoft Xbox 360 A S Phantasy Star Universe Sega 2006 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 United Kingdom S Phantasy Star Universe Sega 2006 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 France S Phantasy Star Universe Sega 2006 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 Germany S Phantasy Star Universe Sega 2006 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 IT, ES S Phantasy Star Universe Sega 2006 RPG
Game Trivia:

Achievement List
  • De Ragan Slayer - Defeat the Chapter 3 boss. 100 Points
  • Onmagoug Slayer - Defeat the Chapter 5 boss. 100 Points
  • Adahna Degahna Slayer - Defeat the Chapter 7 boss. 100 Points
  • De Ragnus Slayer - Defeat the Chapter 8 boss. 100 Points
  • Magas Maggahna Slayer - Defeat the Chapter 9 boss. 100 Points
  • Dimmagolus Slayer - Defeat the Chapter 11 boss. 100 Points
  • Dulk Fakis Slayer - Defeat the Chapter 12 boss. 200 Points
  • Dulk Fakis 2 Slayer - Defeat the last boss. 200 Points
FAQ's/External Links:

Official Game Web Site

Developer Sonic Team's Web Site

Publisher Sega of America's Web Site

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