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No More Heroes
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Console: Nintendo Wii
Year: 2008
RFG ID #: U-132-S-01640-A
UPC: 008888173984
Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture/Marvelous Interactive Inc.
Publisher: Ubisoft
M (ESRB): Blood and Gore , Crude Humor , Intense Violence , Sexual Themes , Strong Language

Genre: Action/Adventure
Sub-genre: Hack and Slash
Players: 1
Controller: Wii Remote/Nunchuk
Media Format: Wii Optical Disc x1
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Heroes, as this game was called when the game was first announced, has finally come to the Wii as No More Heroes, the stylistic game crafted by Killer 7 mastermind Goichi Suda, who for sake of discussion will be affectionately called Suda51. In a flood of casual games for the Wii, this game is a breath of fresh air. There is nothing about this game that is "casual". After all, Travis Touchdown is an assassin, and he wants to be the best assassin there is. If you were an assassin, wouldn't you?

Certainly, don't expect typical Wii fare if you buy this game, but something that is completely enthralling and violent. Very violent. Blood, blood, everywhere. Except when Travis plays with his cat. Have fun in Santa Destroy, won't you? Find your way to the top. Enjoy the over the top storyline, which while rather predictable is still enjoyable.

Want to play a game on the Wii that not only is a risk, but is fun? Here is that game.


It seems as though few games on the Wii try to break the Casual mold. How many Wii Plays do we need? Well, if you are sick of the relentless casual Wii releases, perhaps you should read on. No More Heroes is certainly anything but casual. But, does this endeavor by Suda51 actually amount to anything good? Well, let's carry on, shall we?

So, who do we play as? Well, if you choose to play this game, you will be playing as Travis Touchdown. Travis is an assassin. Apparently, a really good one. The game opens up finding out that Travis has just become certified as the eleventh best assassin in the world. Of course, any certification comes with bureaucratic crap associated with it, and being the eleventh best assassin is no different. See, this cute girl, Sylvia Cristel, entices Travis to move up the ranks to become the number one assassin in the world. How does he do that? Why, by killing everyone ranked higher than him, of course. And that, is the set up for No More Heroes. Now that we know the setup, let's talk about how we go about killing people.

So, Travis has a katana. A Beam Katana. That's right, Travis has a light saber. To wield it, it must be powered. If the power runs out, Travis must recharge it in what can only be described as an indecent action. So, provided the katana is powered up, Travis can kill people with the sword by pressing the A button. Once an enemy's health gets to a certain point, Travis Enters death blow mode. During that time a direction appears on the screen in which the player must thrust the Wiimote in that direction. Doing that will deliver a finishing move that will certainly make those weak of seeing blood want to throw up. So, in addition to slashing away with the katana, Travis can also do defensive moves. Travis will automatically block in sweet mode, or do nothing to automatically block. Travis can also do some stun moves by pressing or charging B. Do it correctly and Travis might be afforded the opportunity to do a wrestling throw. Throw an enemy on the ground and Travis might be given the opportunity to do a violent finishing move by pressing A. Lastly, Travis can dodge by pressing the direction you want Travis to dodge on the Wiimote's D-pad. Move Travis via the Nunchuk. Now that we have a basics of how the game is played and its basic story, let's talk about its artistic direction

No More Heroes isn't going to win any awards for high end graphics. It looks as though it could be rendered on a Dreamcast. But, it looks beautiful. Cel-Shaded characters, gritty feel, while the graphics aren't top notch it does look wonderful. I've also briefly touched on the violent nature of the game. Let me stress that this game is beautifully bloody, if there can be such a thing. Decapitations, bodies split in half, blood spraying everywhere, if murder could be beautiful then this is it. While some people might find the amount of blood a bit over the top, I think it fits perfectly with the style that Suda51 was trying to go for. Lovely, it certainly is.

No More Heroes has an overworld. A city, at that. It's called Santa Destroy. Travis has a bike, and he can drive all over the city. The city is probably as big as Los Santos. It feels a lot like GTA, except it seems as though Travis can never become a wanted man. So, as a player you can have a lot of fun, except there is no money involved in your havoc. In addition to the Overworld, there are other interesting things, like using the restroom to save.

This game has done something that only one other Wii game has succeeded in doing, it keeps me completely enthralled, wanting to go back to playing this game. I don't know why I am writing this review, I am that enthralled. Take that as it may, but this is a game that is sorely needed for the Wii. In the world of casual offerings on the Wii, No More Heroes is a breath of fresh air. I certainly hope that there will be more of these refreshing breezes in the future

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo Wii United Kingdom S No More Heroes Rising Star Games 2008 Action/Adventure
Nintendo Wii Germany S No More Heroes Rising Star Games 2008 Action/Adventure
Nintendo Wii France S No More Heroes Rising Star Games 2008 Action/Adventure
Nintendo Wii Canada S No More Heroes Ubisoft 2008 Action/Adventure
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