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Munchables, The
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Console: Nintendo Wii
Year: 2009
RFG ID #: U-132-S-05370-A
Part #: RVL P RQCE
UPC: 722674800198
Developer: Namco Bandai Games
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
E (ESRB): Comic Mischief , Mild Cartoon Violence

Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1-2
Controller: Wii Mote & Nunchuk
Media Format: Wii Optical Disc x1
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Crabmaster2000's Reiew

The easiest way to describe The Munchables is as so. Take a copy of Katamari. Now take a copy of Cubivore. Mash them together into one excellent game and call it The Munchables. If you were going to label it into genre it would probably be described as a 3D action-platformer, with some puzzle aspects and a hint of RPG.

The Munchables plays very similar to Cubivore in that you run around highly vibrant lands and eat other creatures. As you eat creatures you become much larger (that is the Katamari aspect of the game). As you become larger more areas of the level become accessible to you. If you encounter a creature much too strong for you to eat, you can ram into it with your body breaking it into smaller creatures that are more easily digested.

The game has a very goofy Saturday-morning-cartoonish story and art style to it that really helps make it a lot of fun. I'll let this Youtube intro explain it for me:

Skip ahead to 1:30 if you don't want to see the game just booting up

The Munchables is a fairly short game and can be finished in a few hours. However, it does have some replayabilty. If you into either maxing out scores or hunting down hidden items you'll be right at home. Each level gives you bonus items to customize your character when completing these tasks. Acorns are scatted throughout each level and bringing them all back to the elder nets you a prize. Also, when chowing down on baddies you can link them together into a combo if you eat them quickly enough. By doing this you "fertilize" after each level and the more meals you've eaten the better ranking you get. Some levels are easy to S rank and others are a little trickier finding those combo areas.

Because its a mash up of many different styles of game, in theory, most people should be able to find something about The Munchables enjoyable. Whether it's the art style, the humor, the solid game play, treasure hunting, maxing out your score, the vibrant level design, or all of the above, definitely grab this title if you're looking more to play on your Wii.

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo Wii Canada S Munchables, The Namco Bandai Games 2009 Action/Adventure
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