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Cursed Mountain
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Console: Nintendo Wii
Year: 2009
RFG ID #: U-132-S-05770-A
Part #: RVLPRQ6E
UPC: 895678002148
Developer: Deep Silver
Publisher: Deep Silver
M (ESRB): Blood , Sexual Themes , Violence

Genre: Action/Adventure
Sub-genre: Horror
Players: 1
Controller: wiimote + nunchuck
Media Format: Wii Optical Disc x1
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Crabmaster2000's Review:

People often suggest that the Wii is lacking in a few different genres, but I'd argue that you just need to really dig into the library and you can find whatever it is youíre looking for.

RPG no problem. FPS you got it. Survival Horror? oh yeah!!!

Cursed Mountain falls into that last category and does it very well. The really neat things about CM are the setting, pacing and the atmosphere. You might have some qualms about a few other aspects of the game, but what else does a Survival Horror game need to succeed if not those 3 things?

The setting of the game is very unique. No Zombie Apocalypses or Haunted Mansions here, just some mountains. The game follows Eric, veteran mountain-climber, on the search for his brother who has been lost on real mountain Chomolonzo in Tibet. You'll climb mountains, walk through base camps, and even some old Tibetan towns in the search for your brother.

The atmosphere makes you feel extremely lonely and isolated. The few characters you meet with are mostly unfriendly and after something your brother went in search of. Strong hints of Buddhist and Tibetan myth seep into your characters mind. It seems like every village you pass through has been massacred or abandoned and all the remains are the spirits of the dead. They seem to know what you will find when you get to your brother and try desperately to stop you. Because the most common enemy is ethereal you can rarely detect them coming towards you and can be quite agile and hard to deal with. Because Eric doesnít have time to become acclimatized in his hurry it becomes quite apparent that he is having trouble telling reality from fantasy as he progresses higher up the mountain. He knows deep down that none of it is real, but then why does he keep fighting off these ghosts?

The story is told both during the actual gameplay and in cut-scenes in-between new areas. The cut scenes are still shots of the characters involved and help fill in the holes of what happened and what you need to do next to proceed. The art style used in them is fantastic and looks really unique. During the game Eric will often ponder to himself seemingly just to have someone to talk to and keep sane since he has very little contact with other people throughout the game. To fill in even more holes and help create the atmosphere journals, diaries, notes, etc can be found around people abandoned homes/tents/corpses. The combination of the 3 story telling methods really expands an otherwise typical story. Also the voice acting was actually pretty terrific. Well above average for a game like this.

The pacing is where I felt the game really excelled. I could see this being a hit or miss situation for some, but it was definitely a hit for me. Because the entire game consists of moving upward and the fact that your character gets very little rest he moves at a slow pace. The further up the mountain you go the more it feels "right" to move like he does. Packed with climbing equipment, moving toward complete exhaustion, air getting thinner and thinner yet still being driving to find your brother makes the pacing spot on.

It seems that people often have 2 specific troubles with the controls. One part of that complaint I can sympathize with even though it wasnít and issue for myself, but the other part it easily fixable. The first part is the aiming reticule. There isnít one when youíre not in battle and there is when you are. This means that when you are not pointing your Wii-Remote at the screen while exploring you often scramble to find your aimer when confronted by baddies. I didnít find it to be an issue usually, but it was occasionally frustrating.

The second issue isnít really an issue if you do what most people tend not to do, myself included....... read the manual!! I've seen a lot of complaints about the motion movements not responding, the forward thrusting movement in particular. I also had that problem right off the bat. Under the controls section of the manual is a nice picture of a person doing the movement in question and holding their Wii-Remote upward, but quite straight up. After adjusting my technique I didnít miss a cue the rest of the game. A silly thing that should have been explained better in-game perhaps, but at least itís easily fixable.

Because life is quite abundant and ammo in infinite the survival part doesnít really fit. There is a cool psychological element and feeling of isolation though that should make fans of the genre at least give it a go. Not as good as something like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii, but better than your average Horror game and itís not a remake either!


Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo Wii A S Cursed Mountain Deep Silver 2009 Action/Adventure
Nintendo Wii United Kingdom S Cursed Mountain Deep Silver 2009 Action/Adventure
Nintendo Wii United Kingdom S Cursed Mountain [UXP Version] Deep Silver 2009 Action/Adventure
Nintendo Wii Netherlands S Cursed Mountain Deep Silver 2009 Action/Adventure
Nintendo Wii Germany S Cursed Mountain Deep Silver 2009 Action/Adventure
Nintendo Wii U S Cursed Mountain [Limited Edition] Deep Silver 2009 Action/Adventure
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