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Blast Factor: Advanced Research
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Console: Sony PlayStation Network
Year: 2007
RFG ID #: U-151-S-00610-A
Part #:
Developer: Bluepoint Games
Publisher: SCEA
E (ESRB): Mild Fantasy Violence

Genre: Shooter
Players: 1-4
Controller: Standard
Media Format: Downloadable
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From the game's description on the Playstation Store:

Blast Factor is physics based action game which takes players into a fierce microbiological arena to guide a nano-machine against viral swarms. Proceed from specimen to specimen, waging microscopic war against an array of deadly viruses. Tilt the Sixaxis controller to send ripples through the arena that shove enemies into groups, and then blast 'em into catastrophic chain explosions for big points! Immersive high adrenaline arcade action in full HD at 1080p.

Key Features

  • Full HD at 1080p – High resolution, high adrenaline arcade action at full 1080p HD.
  • Self Adjusting Difficulty – As you play better, the game moves you to the next level with a higher difficulty setting. If it gets too tough the game will automatically ease the difficulty in the next level.
  • Integral use of Sixaxis wireless controller – By tilting left and right, gamers can create tidal waves to propel enemies across the screen.
  • Global Online Rankings – Gamers will be able to check their rank versus the world.

Required Hard Drive Space: 96 MB
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