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Console: Sony PlayStation Network
Year: 2008
RFG ID #: U-151-S-00650-A
Part #:
Developer: Japan Studio/Jun Fujiki
Publisher: SCEA

Genre: Puzzle
Sub-genre: Perspective Manipulation
Players: 1
Controller: Standard
Media Format: Downloadable
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From the game's description on the Playstation Store:

P>Featuring an elegant black and white art design inspired by the works of M.C. Escher, echochrome is a puzzle game unlike any other. With gameplay based on optical illusions, players must utilize five simple laws of perspective to join walkways, hide dangers, and create new paths to reach the "echos," or shadow guides. Once you’ve mastered the five laws, use them to create your own mind-bending levels to play and share with friends using the custom level editor.

Key Features:
  • Elegant Graphics – Simple black-and-white art style rendered in crisp 1080p HD
  • Unique Gameplay – Master perspective puzzles based on optical illusions across 56 challenging levels that are exclusive to the Playstation 3 system version
  • Canvas Mode – Create your own custom levels to play and share with friends over Playstation Network. Users can even submit their best levels from within the game right to the game’s developers, who then pick the best levels to distribute to all echochrome Playstation 3 users worldwide

Required Hard Drive Space: 86.4 MB
Game Trivia:

Based on the OLE (Object Locative Environment) Coordinate System, developed by Jun Fujiki.
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