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Alan Wake
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Console: Steam
Year: 2012
RFG ID #: W-194-S-00660-A
Part #: 108710
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Publisher: Remedy Entertainment
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1
Controller: Mouse & Keyboard, Gamepad
Media Format: Downloadable
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Alan Wake is really a great game. It took a little bit off of several different genres of games, several different television show plots, and several different book and film writer personalities and smooshed them together. And somehow it works. Really well.

Alan Wake, despite having a plot straight from an episode of Twilight Zone mixed with John Carpenter's From the Mouth of Madness, isn't scary. Rather I like to think the game invokes some sort of acceptance in the player; either this is really happening to poor Alan Wake or he is crazy. I mean, you are a guy whose wife disappears, and whom the Alan is convinced was kidnapped by some malevolent force, but somehow must convince the authorities that he didn't murder her, which all signs seem to point to as being the the truth, so much so that even Alan begins to wonder.

So there are this narration, along with scattered pages of a book that Alan wrote that he doesn't remember writing, and then these guys show up who are possessed by darkness that you have to dispatch by burning off said darkness with flashlights and flares then shooting them (probably isn't their faults, but might as well kill them anyway). Then your agent shows up and steals the show.

Just to be clear, I think that this game should have been titled, Alan Wake and Barry - A Psychological Action Thriller about Dedication to a 10% Cut. Basically, without Barry, this game would fall apart for me.

This version of the game includes the two episodes that were previously sold separately, The Signal and The Writer. Both happen shortly after the main game when Wake is trapped in The Dark Place. The Signal takes place immediately after the main game, where Wake must follow a signal that will lead him out the The Dark Place. Introduced here is, the Dark Presence, a being that seems like a prototype for Mr. Scratch (featured in the followup, American Nightmare). The Writer happens an indeterminate amount of time later, where Wake must face the Dark Presence again as well as several other "dark" versions of former allies.

Anyway, just please play this game. Even if you don't like scary games, you'll probably at least like throwing flares at shadow-zombies and running from lamp post to lamp post. And that makes more sense if you would just play the game, RFGen.

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