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Alan Wake's American Nightmare
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Console: Steam
Year: 2012
RFG ID #: W-194-S-06230-A
Part #: 202750
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Publisher: Remedy Entertainment
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1
Media Format: Downloadable
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Alan Wake: American Nightmare has to be one of the strangest followups to a home-run of a first game that I would think could have happened. I mean, Alan Wake was really good, and it deserved a sequel, but instead it got a gaiden-style thing. And I really like for what it is: a wacky, thought-provoking game, action-oriented, arcadey, time filler. You will play through the story in a few hours then spend quadruple that playing the arcade-style survival games. Or just complain about how developer Remedy should have made a REAL sequel (which will NEVER happen, by the way).

So. American Nightmare drops you in the shoes of protagonist Alan Wake, again, (probably) right after the first Alan Wake game. You must somehow escape a weird little Groundhog Day situation that you (and maybe some other people) seem to be caught in, all the while being harassed by Wake's arch-nemesis, Mr. Scratch, who strangely enough is played by a live-action actor (Mr. Scratch only appears on television sets).

Not perhaps the greatest plot, but I really grabbed ahold of it once I started. It might have something to do with he fact I really liked the first game, though. Who knows.

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