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3079 -- Block Action RPG
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Console: Steam
Year: 2013
RFG ID #: W-194-S-24940-A
Part #: 259620
Developer: Phr00t's Software
Publisher: Phr00t's Software
Genre: RPG
Sub-genre: Action-RPG
Controller: Keyboard & Mouse
Media Format: Downloadable
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3079 is a procedurally generated, voxel-based, action-RPG indie title developed and published by Phr00t's Software in 2011. It is the third in a series of unrelated but structurally similar games released by the author digitally.

3079 follows the story of a soldier who is dropped onto a planet with one mission - discover why the planet is in a state of perpetual war and find a way to end it. To that end take on hundreds of different missions across multiple factions; equip, use, and upgrade dozens of items; and navigate a massive open world full of hostile enemies. Make money any way you can, either through missions, scavenging from battles that happen around you, or mine for items to sell.

Can you survive long enough to end the war, or will you ultimately fail in your task and spend hundreds of hours grinding for the best weapon/armor loadout? Or perhaps you can do both. Anyway, there is only one way to start.


3079 is a little bit of an oddity. When it was released I imagine most people didn't know what to think. Is it another Minecraft clone, or maybe just a strange-looking, hamfisted, indie effort? Well, I am happy to report neither. 3079 is a good game, though you will have to scratch away for a while at its rough exterior to find that goodness. So let's scratch for a moment. 3079 is a open-world, mission-based, action-RPG, something in the vein of an Elder Scrolls game, but with a vicious edge. You start the game literally falling, albeit slowly, through the upper atmosphere of a planet, where you are sumarly blown to pieces by a "demon." This is the first taste of what is to come, where you will reload because you didn't know something could happen. We could call it difficult, but I would call it simply challenging, and a lot of that has to do with the loose feel the game has that a lot of indie projects with small teams have. 3079 is a game offers no visible rewards outside of perhaps the journey (and even that isn't super clear), but to those that stick around, most will find the game to be enjoyable, but that, unfortunately, is all I I feel I can say.
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