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Posted on Apr 1st 2012 at 08:44:17 AM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Site News, Android, PC Compatibility in the future

As you've probably noticed, we are now Android Generation. We feel this change will make us better suited for the future of gaming and technology in general. We're confident in that in a few short years, everything will be Android powered, so we're jumping on board sooner rather than later. Soon, our entire database and collection tools will be optimized for Android devices. However, since all of our development time will be going into that, we will no longer have the time or resources to update the current versions, the ones designed for your PC, whether you use Windows, Linux, or Mac, you'll soon be unable to visit Android Generation, or use our collection tracking tools. So, if you don't already have an Android device, you better go get one ASAP.

We'll also be mandating all members have our current App installed in order to continue to be registered here. So, if you haven't already download it here now so you won't be deactivated after this transition is complete.

And remember to keep it on Channel 3 your Android Device!

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about time we upgrade, windows is so 98
I already have your app but to just completely ditch what made you big to begin with is insane.  So many people have put some much work into creating and maintaining there profile and info and it might of all been for nothing which is crazy.  Hopefully the website stays popular with such a crazy move I cant see to many people wanting to right blogs from there phone.  Or deal with a app that glitches out alot.
PCs are just so ten years ago.  I mean, who in their right mind would play something with an actual keyboard?  They are so dirty.  Just thinking about all those PC nerds tapping away on their grease-smeared, feces-encrusted disease spreaders makes me sick!
I think that it's great that RFGeneration is supporting the android platform.  I don't think it's a good idea to ditch a general website, mostly because data entry will really become quite a chore on a little android as opposed to a full keyboard and mouse.

As it stands I have to update my database with ALOT from when the database had to be reverted back to whenever it was that it was recoverable.  Please don't make it harder than it already is.
I'm under the impression this is an April Fool's joke. I really hope so because I don't have an Android device or know anyone who does so I'd have to find another collection site...again...
I am so excited! I recently completed my port of Android to the NES, so I'm ready to handle my collection from my toaster!

Here's my concern though: will the Android app be updated to accept input via the Family Basic Keyboard, and can I use my Vaus for scrolling???

Oh, and iPhone SUX!
we could link the site to my Credit card so that when I buy a game it adds it for me, save me all kinds of time Smiley
At least it's not iPhone Generation.....
@Tadpole13: Don't worry about your profile, it will all transfer over to the Android App. Just make sure you get it before the switch comes. The Android keyboard is easier to use than a normal keyboard, I can't tell you how many times I get crumbs stuck under my normal PC keyboard, none of that for Android!

@Gamer4Lyfe: We'll give you time to fix your collection, the switch won't be for a few weeks. And adding games with the Android App will be even easier than it is now.

@monkees19: The fact that we're announcing this on April 1st is purely coincidental, it just happens to be the first of the month where we're close to the switch. There's still time to get an Android device, check out our buying/selling board on the forums, maybe someone here can hook you up with one.

@Link41: After deciding to go with Android, an obvious decision. Apple offered us $1 million to come over to their side instead.
Phew! Good thing I'm getting my Droid soon.  I can't wait for ANDROID GENERATION!!!

Also, theGrue it looks like you're gonna be quite busy with programming.
Wow, that's a lot of pressure! I wish I knew about this bold change in direction sooner, I could have had v2.0 ready to go out today to go along with this!
Good! I was getting tired of all that red.
There is no way this is not a April Fools joke.  Shits funny lol
We'll you've certainly got some people hooked in... April 1 = I don't believe anything you say... See you April 2nd... Smiley
Oh goody, I can fit in as the snobby iP* owner who constantly posts about how awesome Apple is. :]
iPS is the way to go
Oy, more new technology to confuse my aging mind. Where's my Atari?
@den68 use the Atari 800 to get online Smiley
@den68: You could use the new Google Maps version for NES!
Darn google not putting android linux on PC's! I'm running Ubuntu but maybe I can do haxx and have a home version of Android. That fair?
@bickman2k:I'm holding out for the mobile Game Boy version in development!
Oh man, I think I remember the PC! That was some weird retro email machine or something right?
Yeah right. April fools.

As a disabled person on a small income who can only afford s free phone from the state. Seriously if you maintain this Arpil 2nd. FU
@FireStar: http://www.android-x86.org/
I put this on my old netbook and it flies!
i want my green back Tongue
u mad bro?

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