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Posted on Feb 26th 2009 at 01:26:28 AM by (logical123)
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Welcome to Ask-a-Blog Numero Dos! Today's question: 'How did you find rfgeneration?'

Fairly simple, but again, let's here those answers! Cheesy

My story is *drumroll*:

I spend a lot of time on Google. A lot. A lot a lot. A lot times a lot. You get the idea. The year is 2006, and I am perusing the following search query: "Video Game Collection Organizer". At around, oh, I dunno, page 7 or so, rfgeneration.com caught my eye. I clicked it, looked around, and decided it was nice, and something I would come back to. Bookmarked.

Fast forward to 2007, April of '07. I'm organizing my bookmarks, when I see a logo that I'm not too familiar with. 'RFGen'. Out of curiosity, I click the bookmark, and actually LOOK around the site. I missed a great site, and knew I should join up immediately, and promptly so. My official register time stamp is April 22, 2007, 10:31:31 AM, user number 1263. And I have been hooked ever since. The spring/summer of 2008 is when I really got hooked though, and became an active member in many aspects of the site, including the Forums, Blog, Blog Commenting, and Database...

So, there's my story. How's about your story (if you pardon the colloquialism...)?

'How did you find


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I found RFGen not too long after I started collecting. My collecting started in 2006 when I found a bunch of cheap NES games at a garage sale on my way home from school. I liked the idea of finding more games so I went to Nintendo's site forums and quickly became hooked on the NSider forums' "Legacy Systems" board, while there I heard of a little site called digitpress.com for rarity listing. I was on DP for a couple months happily tracking my collection there when I heard of another site called "RFGeneration.com" so I checked it out, found a couple games missing from the DB, submitted them in the old "submit missing games here" thread and was quickly greeted by a PM from Scott on all the things I did wrong in my submission but he was nice and helped me out with future submissions. I knew then that RFGen would remain a part of my life forever. Ever since, RFG has constantly been in the first tab of FireFox and is always the first site I check when I travel to the interwebs.
Like NES_Rules, I also found RFG soon after I started collecting. Despite me playing videogames since I was 5, I didn' t start collecting until late 2007/early 2008.
When looking for a NES on eBay I was looking at a seller's profile which had a link to rfgeneration.com in it. I clicked on it, looked at a few topics in the video game generation, bookmarked it and the rest is history.
Unlike Sirgin and NES_Rules, RFG kinda helped push me to collect Cheesy.  I was searching the good ol' Virtual Boy on google, and the link brought me to a forum topic about it.  After checking out the database, and seeing that I could add my collection, I was hooked Smiley.  Luckily, my collection was pretty small, so it didn't take more than an hour and a half to upload.  And I've been getting my (near) daily dosage of RFG since June 17, 2008 Smiley
I personally knew the majority of the creators of the site, so I guess that's how I found out.
I found out like a majority of the original members did - through the Video Game Bible site/boards. I was the 11th person to sign up for the site.
I was looking for a site to help organize my collection, and I found a link to RF Generation in someone's signature over at Digial Press, and well...here I am.
I know some of the founders. Was my first forum experience, stuck with it ever since.
Im kinda in the same boat as blcklblskt. I've always collected, but its was quite sporadic and disorganized. I frequented a few gaming forums and eventually came across a nice little site called racketboy.com. Someone on there directed me to rfgen specifically for the collection tools. I love the tools, but its been a great resource for me way beyond that.
I was actually introduced to the site by a fellow member.I am very impressed with the site thus far,my collection,off-beat topic on the chats...lol.It's now my favourite gamind site to frequent.
I came via racketboys forums too. I've hung around a few gaming sites, but all the others seemed to view collecting as something dirty and to be avoided, so when I found RFG and the tools that it offered that was it - instant sign up.
I discovered RFGen through Digital Press. I signed up pretty early on (around mid-2004), but I didn't become active until like two years ago.
I've known den68 since high school. He recommended it one day so I checked it out.
I was a member of a now defunct web site called Video Game Bible. I knew Michael Collins (Lord Nepenthean) few a few years on that site. When he left to found RFG he asked me to join. I've been a member of RFG since day one.

It's a helluva place. I LOVE it!!
I dont even remember. I think i was looking for a new online cataloging service for my collection after IGN did a major change in format and was aimed here.
I wanted a site that covered import gaming in their database and IGN just didnt cut it.  Was told about RFG on DP and gave it a try.  Wasnt untill around 6 months after I created an account that I started using the site though.
Three of my better friends are founders. Funny how that works.
Started collecting around summer 2008. Bought VGB. Wanted more. Found RFG.
I was keeping track of my collection via Excel when I happened across old-computers.com.  They had a nifty DB program for hardware with the ability to add new items.  This met my hardware needs, but not software.  I found RFG pretty easily and lurked for a while (like I do on most sites) before really checking out the offerings and getting to know some of the people.  Since then, I have been hooked. 
I started out much like Marriott_Guy and was using MS Excel to track my collection (what a pain).  Eventually by dumb luck, I can across IGN.com and used their database for awhile, but they rarely updated it and it seemed so full of bugs.  Eventually Digital Press started their own and I began transferring my stuff from IGN to DP.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) DP's collection tools was done away with before I got too involved in entering my collection.  Someone there (think it was Tynstar) suggested RFGen and I've been here the past few years
@Crabmaster2000: I love racketboy! Never been 'round the forums much though...

@Feechy: laugh

Thanks again everyone for the amazing amount of comments. The next entry is in the works, so don't fret! Cheesy
I was googling for video game related porn one day and...

Just messin around, I'm a founder...hehe girl
link on the side of Digitpress from page.
I found RFG in a thread on the Digital Press website about how people tracked their collections
I was looking up information about RF switches and RF fields and things of that nature and found RFGen buried back on yahoo several pages.

I was the 45 member and joined July 05, 2004, 01:14:49 AM.
My cuz Danvx6 was the 46 and joined about 10 mins after me. I then irritated people by having 40+ posts a day for about at least a week. Smiley

I actually found and joined DP July 08, 2004.
And about a dozen other gaming forums/collection tools in the months after. (I was a forum whore) but none of them had the same community or dedication.

I guess i got luckier than most of the rest of you guys and found the right site the first time around :-P

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