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Posted on Dec 1st 2007 at 08:40:36 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Cashwhore, At least we are independent, Fondue, Jeff Gerstmann

So, I imagine that a lot of people on this site has heard about Gamespot catastrophically losing its credibility (as if it had any to begin with) after they abruptly fired Jeff Gerstmann, known for inciting the wrath of Nintendo fanboys for his review of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Well, the rumor is that the bigwigs at C-net did not enjoy his review of Kane and Lynch, which at the time was heavily advertising on the site. As such, they canned him. If true, this is a sad revelation into the priorities of corporate sites and the credibility of reviews. It is especially bad for journalistic integrity, what little was left.

It'll be interesting to see the true story, if it ever comes out, but for the time being I'll let everyone else speculate on the matter, while I sit hear writing my report that is due on Tuesday. The lack of comments make this issue seem as though it dos have a grain of salt, but then, what do I know. What I do know is that RF Generation receives its funding from our donors, and are a horribly independent operation. We love you guys, and we try to do what you want, except of course when we are horribly under siege by school, like many of us are now. I digress, but yeah, keep your ears open to developments in this story, it's fun to watch Gamespot go down in flames.

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Maybe Gertsmann could do reviews for RFG? Obviously we couldn't *pay* him anything...maybe a free membership? Nyuk.Nyuk.Nyuk. Cool

He always did have good reviews. Him and the other guy...Greg somthing.
he was my favorite editor at gamespot, if you find out where he ends up at please let me know atleast.
Apparrantly Jeff told Gabe from PennyArcade that it was true he was fired over the review. Sad stuff. Sucks to see Gamespot taking the flak considering that the whole incident is CNET's fault.
It's freakin ridiculous what happens in the game reviewing business today. I hope this is only the start of the collapse of mainstream gaming sites.
except for RFGeneration, of course Wink
We are far from mainstream. Cheesy
Greg Kasavin was the other guy that did good reviews.

Now the only good reviewer left on Gamespot is Alex Navarro.
What score did he give the game? Is teh Kane and Lynch review still viewable?
6, which is just a little below the average (high 6).

However, he was harsher in the (now removed) video review of the game. Thankfully someone uploaded it to youtube...

Money has a big influence no doubt, but not just now and not just commercial sites, but magazines, and TV too. It dose seem a bit too much to fire him rather than upset their business partners though. I remember way back in Saturn Power magazine I think it was, they gave a bad review to a game and the company pulled all advertisements from their mag. It really dose suck, and leaves the only true reviews you can count on to be fan ones.
Oh yeah, all Gamespot reviews have been taken down from Gamerankings. Weird considering the owner of Gamerankings is a Gamespot admin.
I lol'd

If I ever get a new computer I may give the game a try, since it's from the Hitman people.

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