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Posted on Dec 24th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (NeoMagicWarrior)
Posted under Christmas, Mario

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
all the gamers were stirring, with a click of the mouse.
The Pylons were constructed, by the Protos with care,
in the hopes that a Zerg rush soon wouldn't be there.

The children were battling their Pokemon, you see,
as a gust full of leaves cut through a Horsea.
And mamma in her headset, and I with my pad
had just settled in for some new Octodad.

When up from the doorway there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the basement to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I stumbled and stuttered,
I dare not repeat the curses I uttered.

The sunbeams beat down on the window, so dirty,
it must be my bedtime, coming up on 6:30!
To what to my sleep deprived eyes should show up,
but a pudgy old plumber, and the Duck Hunt pup.

I was all but confused at this lively scenario,
but the plumber assured me, "It's a me, Mario!"
Tied to his cart were some Koopaling children,
and he yelled out to them all as I gave a listen.

"Now, Larry! now, Lemmy! now, Iggy and Roy!
On, Morton! On, Wendy! on, Ludwig oh joy!
To the top of the flag! To the top of the pipe!
Hurry up you guys, it's Christmas, alright!

They growled and they scowled, and they spun in a circle,
like some long lost demented lost cousin of Steve Urkle.
Then up to the housetops the Kooplings flew,
with a sleigh full of coins, and his Player 2.

With a bark from the pup, they were gone in a flash
they headed up to the roof in a quick Double Dash.
And just as I lost sight of this ragtag corp,
down the chimney Mario came with a warp

He was dressed all in red , from his knees to his chin,
Then his brother , Luigi, suddenly popped in.
A bundle of powerups, he had in his pack,
As he opened it up I was taken aback.

Their eyes were like dinner plates, their moustaches so merry,
their noses so large , as a great double cherry.
Their red and green matched with Christmas so fine
this holiday was made for these Brothers in Time.

Then the dog wandered in, with a bark and a woof,
and he giggled at their every little goof.
They filled all of our stockings with mushrooms and bells,
banana peels, ba-bombs, and blue winged shells.

Just then came a knock and a torrent of flame,
seemed Bowser was being left out of the game.
To fight him in here would be such a hassle;
seemed Mario's princess was in another castle.

And, just as the tension reached a wild crescendo,
they came up with a plan, these brothers Nintendo.
From out from the sack, they produced fire flowers,
and ingested them to gain incredible powers.

After Bowser they flew, up the chimney they went,
back into the cart, not a moment ill spent.
As they rode out of sight, they raised a great fuss
"All of your base are belonging to us!"

From all of us at RFGeneration, we wish you a safe and Happy Holiday season and a very game-filled New Year!

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Brilliant stuff. Well done. Happy Holidays everyone.
Love the poem, Neo.  This kind of stuff always is a welcome sight this time of year.
Very cute.
Great work, I love this!

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