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Posted on Sep 20th 2008 at 01:53:59 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Classic Gaming, Capcom, Mega Man, Wiiware

Doesn't that box look lovely? I think it sure does, and if I wasn't poor I'd absolutely want that box. Turns out for those of you who are financially better off than me that this package will be able to be purchased, and for gaming aficionados like yourself I bet you find this package strangely exciting. Personally, I am as giddy as a school girl, and a Catholic one at that. Tee Hee.

Oh, and yes, there's other news as well. Turns out that Mega Man launches Monday, September 22 for WiiWare. Why, that's THIS Monday. Even better news, it launches on the 25th for PSN and the 1st for the 360. Won't that make you all happy. I am sure quite a few of you are probably looking to be schooled by Splash Woman, because you just like being abused like that.

All in all, great news about this throwback to retrogaming! Here's hoping that the expectations regarding this game aren't horribly dashed like another high expectation game recently did. (**SPORE**)

Mega Man 9 Retail Package??? [Capcom Admin's Blog]

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Damn... and here I was hoping for a hard copy >_<

Heck, I'd buy it for NES if they actually released it that way!
Man, only 200 boxes, guess we ain't be gettin none o' them there boxes.

...Butttttt, I'm gonna be able to play this in 3 days!!!!!
Sigh... I won't be getting it... Whatever... Downloadable content is silly. *winces in fear*
Couldn't agree with you more, logical123. That said... I still don't think I'm going to be able to resist a new Megaman.
It'd be totally awesome if they would release a NES version...but I can understand that's not really easy.

Still, this package is very exciting as it is. I'd wish it was in a somewhat larger quantity (1000 or so) because very few people will be getting their hands on it.
Hopefully there will be enough demand and they decide to produce at least a few thousand more. I'd love to have a physical copy.

This will be the first (and most likely only right now) game i'll have ever downloaded in my life. To bad i'm out of town until the 26th and have to wait a few extra days to grab it.
does anyone know when the physical copy should be available for sale?

I was under the impression that this was a press kit with bonus content and such, not the actual game itself? That there won't actually be a physical copy at all?

i read on the link after the article that there might be only about 200 physical copies for sale.
This would be sweet if they would make it as an actual NES cartridge.  Any word on how much this will cost for the packaging?

"Unfortunately, we weren't able to put the full game on these cartridges (the licensing and legal issues were a headache and not worth the trouble), but I agree, it would've been cool.  Instead, these carts contain a small CD with artwork, game information and screenshots.

Anyway, we're sending these bad boys out this week to our friends from the press. Don't worry, we're thinking about offering a very limited quantity (200) on the Capcom Store, probably with a PSN or XBLA game voucher."

The price sticker is a nice touch.

Even if they don't have the game on them, they sure will be a big ticket collector's item.
There's more than 350 comments on the blog, I think they should re-evaluate their production numbers.

Anybody know what time the game will be added to the Wii shop on Monday?
Should be added at 9AM PDT.
So, this comes out next week. Wipehout HD also comes out next week. Damn you PSN. Sad
I really wanted to try to get one until I checked and they only ship to the US Sad

Well if you want it really badly, half of them will show up on eBay soon, anything worth a buck usually does the day it's released. Tongue
I would love to see a real NES cartridge for this game, but I bet it's probably next to impossible to LEGALLY make one these days. I can only imagine there being so many legal issues with Nintendo.
Is this a real thing or not? That would be the gem of my collection if I could get my hands on one.
That press kit is 100% real.

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