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Posted on Nov 26th 2008 at 02:58:39 PM by (NES_Rules)
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Collector's Dilemma: Lending Games

Lending Games

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We've all been there. You've got a friend or two checking out your collection and someone really likes a particular game. They like it so much, they don't want to quit playing. Finally, they just come out and ask if they can borrow it. But since they no longer have that old Atari, they'll need the system as well. Plus some controller, power adapter and those old timey hookups. Maybe an old TV too.

So, what are your thoughts on lending out games/systems to family and friends? Perhaps you'll only lend to those you know very well and  trust with your life. Or maybe you don't even lend out the most common of games. Or maybe you're a really trusting person and will lend anything to anyone as long as they say they will return it eventually.

Also, feel free to share your experiences with lending games, whether they be positive or negative. Did you lend out that super rare game to a friend only to have them move away with it? Or did they return it in deplorable condition? Talk about good experiences as well, maybe you let a friend borrow a game and he was so grateful, he gave you a box of old games he doesn't play anymore.

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There is only 1 person who I would trust to lend ANYTHING to. Anything meaning rare or valuable games. He does have a kid so there is always the possibility that something may happen to the game if he doesnt happen to be watching it at that second, but I know he's good to pay me back for any damage if it happens while in his prossession (I purposely put the r in there. What game is that from??).

As for people I dont know as well..... I usually give them the benefit of the doubt and test the waters with easily replaceable games. Sure it would be an inconveniece to repurchase Super Mario Bros. 3, but I mean its only a couple bucks and you can possibly build some trust/rapport with someone you dont know so well. Seems like a decent trade off.

I'm of the opinion that if I can't trust this person with something trivial like a video game, I certainly can't trust them in my house and vice versa. Tongue
I wouldn't really do much of any lending to anyone I didn't trust well enough to not steal it. I don't have many worries about that - what I AM worried about is can they not lose it? If they can keep it clean and safe, borrow whatever the heck you want.
I've never lent out a console game, but that might be because nobody has asked.

However, I commonly let people borrow handhelds and handheld games, though not for very long-- usually the course of a day (please give me it back at the end of the day) or sometimes a weekend.  This happened a lot on marching band trips, where my copy of Tetris Plus for the Game Boy was VERY popular.  It probably changed hands 10 times a day but it's always come back, and with some more high scores to beat!  I'll also sorta lend out my DS and games for short amounts of time if someone wants to play multiplayer with some others but doesn't have the game (and I'm not interested in playing at the moment.)  People can play my GP2X as well if I'm not playing it, as long as they don't overwrite any save states on the emulators.

Either way, I'm persistent enough that they always return things (though they're late sometimes)
"I don't lend to anyone, period."

I've had (multiple) really bad experiences with lending out games back when I was younger, so at some point I just stopped doing it. It's much more relaxing not having to wonder about when/how you'll see your game(s) back. Smiley

I'd like to believe everybody is a careful with stuff as I am but reality prooves me wrong time and again. My games are (and stay) in very good condition so I just can't stand to get games back with CD cases broken, manuals missing, disks heavily scratched,.... or not getting the game back at all.
I will lend newly released games to one friend that I know because he will try his best to take care of them. Although with a house full of screaming kids, he often comes home to find his own stuff trashed (toys jammed in his consoles etc). But he is about as reliable as it gets of the friends and family I know. That's why if he ruins a new game, it's easy for him to replace it. It hasn't happened yet though but we rarely have the same taste in games. Nobody else I know likes the retro stuff.

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