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Posted on Nov 9th 2008 at 04:16:23 PM by (NES_Rules)
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I was about to post this in the Collection Diary, but it was getting kind of long and off topic for that, so I decided to make it a blog post instead.

Anyway, here's the situation: my parents had a "card party" last night, which included 4 of my cousins, two around the age of 10 and two closer to my age. Me and the older ones get along great and we were playing Guitar Hero III, but then the younger ones wanted to play also, and kept "trash talking" us saying they were better and we were playing too slow. So I hooked up a spare PS2 and another guitar with Guitar Hero II on another TV for them. They got bored with it after 5 minutes, and then wanted to play Duck Hunt, so I set up an NES with that. At this point I was tired of listening to them, so I left to play cards with everyone else, but every 5 minutes they were coming to me asking me if they could play the Wii. I told them "No" every time. So a few hours later I go back up to find the youngest playing World of Goo on my Wii  grrr

I don't mind them playing my games, as long as I set them up because I simply don't want them breaking something. It's bad enough when they're tripping over cords and stepping on guitars, but it really irks me when they go against my permission and start playing something I don't want them to.

It seems like every time they come over and play my games, I have bitter feelings about it. On one hand, I know they're just games and they're meant to be played, but on the other hand, they're mine and I don't like others going through them and playing whatever they want. To a very small degree, I have a similar feeling as when someone gets robbed, how they just feel violated that someone touched their stuff without permission.

And I think the worst part of it is, that they have no respect for not only other people's stuff, but for the games themselves. They see most of my collection as "old junk" and think it's worthless and don't care about it whatsoever. They just don't understand how a 20 something year old boxing game is worth more than their precious Rock Band.

So, now I'm thinking of banning them from my game room altogether. I don't really want to, but I really don't want something to break either.

Now, this wasn't supposed to be just a rant, I want to get your opinion on how other collectors feel about other people touching your stuff. So give the world your opinions on how you feel about friends/family members playing your collection.

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I'm probably going to get a lot of negative comments on this and/or counterarguements but in my opinion youngsters and console gaming doesn't match.

[With youngsters I mean age 10 and below.]

My advise: don't let them into your room anymore until they're 13-14. By then they'll probably be mature enough not to trash your stuff. Smiley
Don't let them touch your stuff. You said not to touch the Wii, they refused to respect that, so I think they've more than earned the loss of trust.
Ultimately they are your belongings, not "community" belongings, you can ban them from touching/playing them if you want. Personally, if my stuff was at risk of being broken by people not adhering to the rules, I'd definitely say "That's it, you've lost the privilege."
I prefer people ask me before using my stuff. I'll normally say yes, unless it is my youngest brother.
I have no problem with kids of any age using my stuff as long as I am supervising them. I dont trust most adults to supervise kids playing my systems either, so if im not around and my wife calls to ask if her friends kids can play SNES or something the answer is always "not until I get home to help them".

In your situation becuase they are young kids Id simply let them know they cant play ANYTHING unless your around to supervise them.
I usually don't mind people touching my stuff, just as long as they ask me first. Certain things in my collection I never let anybody touch. However, I don't let people play my games unless they wash their hands before and I'm around, and I never lend my games out.
They obviously have no respect for you or your games.  Don't let them touch again until they show some respect.
@TraderJake: Zach and Jake are legitimately scared of asking you anything. Understandable you wouldn't let Jake play your games due to his long history of breaking controllers, eating the joystick (lol) and saving over game files (surprisingly I wasn't too pissed even though I was 20 hours in). It's funny, during all that crap I completely forgot how old Jake was. He's a really really young guy who beat Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia, Shadow Hearts 2 and Baten Kaitos at the ages of 10 and 11. And he's still unbelievably young. You have to give him credit.
Zach on the other hand likes crap games for the most part so he never really played any of my games. And he was always scared of talking to you.

But on subject, the only time I was somewhat upset over my brothers playing my game was when my youngest brother got further than me in Tales of Symphonia, and of course since he was like 11 he would always say "did you get to the part when *spoilers*" Really though, when I told him not to do that everything was good and I had someone to talk to about awesome RPGs.

So I guess I really don't mind other people playing my games or watching my movies. I mean, they are mine, but I feel that if someone else gets enjoyment out of them all the better. I just hope that the case or whatever doesn't get destroyed, but if it does, oh well just tell me what you thought of the game ^_^
I didn't mind when I was younger. But as time went on stuff started "Disappearing." Needless to say everythings locked up now.
I let my brother play my games but he is supposed to ask first.

There are far to many games that i have had saved over, broken, lost.

Probably the worst is when he opens something i had sealed and loses the manual/disk/trashes the box.

As for DVDs i don't really give a damn (So long as they don't destroy box sets). I don't collect them and for some reason they don't seem to scratch/break like games do :-/
I lul'd at the title. Cool

But my opinion: Touch my stuff without asking, get a knife in your eye. JUST KIDDING! But seriously though, I don't like people touching my games/coins/comics without asking first.
The rule of thumb, if you want to play it, if you want to watch it, if you want to listen to it, or if you want to use it, ASK!  I dont have to deal with kids often and when I do, I play it by ear.  Reguardless if they are kids, teens, or adults, the same rules apply.  I'm not going to try sounding holy or anything but if a kid breaks it, sometimes they actualy dont intend to.  We were all kids once and be it by accident or simply not knowing how fragile it is, we've broken stuff.  That said, I'd never intentionaly give a kid permision to touch anything I couldnt replace within a day's work.  If they refuse to ask or take for granted that I've given them permision in the past, they are forbiden from ever touching anything again untill I give them permision.  Reguardless if there was anything damnaged or destroyed.  Trust is a delicate thing and should not be abused.  Permision can be given freely or it can be revoked perminently.  As it's my stuff, I believe it's within my right to dictate either.
I personally don't mind my friends using my games (I even taught a couple how to use my TV setup, with all the multi-selectors and so forth, so they can play games when I'm doing other things)...but if it's some kids disrespecting my property, I'd boot 'em from the room without a second thought.  Then again, I don't like kids, so take that as you want.
I let one of my little brothers friend borrow Kingdom Hearts, which was in a like new condition.
When it came back, the case was scuffed up and the manual was in that dry/soggy state.

Never again.
I used to care...
Meh. I'm 26, and all of my friends are around my age. They're respectful, and that's all I ask. My friend Art frequently takes games when he comes over, sometimes without asking, but he always lets me know at some point and I always get everything back (which reminds me, right now he has Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, LoZ:LttP and a SNES right now....)
It's pretty simple. Go near my games and you die! Ok that might sound harsh. Wink

I don't want to wish I'd been more careful when something irreplaceable goes missing or gets broken. So everything is off limits to everyone! I play PS3 games with friends sometimes but most of it is playable online and they have their own PS3s.

Many years ago when me and my brother lived together, he took a bunch of my games without asking, travelled a long distance to see his friend and gave them to him! When I tried to get them back, he just gave me attitude saying I was materialistic. That's where our opinions differ because I don't consider it a bad thing to look after something I've spent my hard earned money on. Conversley, my brother pawns everything three months after he gets it whether it be a birthday or Christmas gift or bought by himself. He thinks it's weird that I have a collection of games but he moans that he only has one or two games for his Xbox360. You can't have it both ways and there's nothing wrong with a hobby or interest.

Many of our games in our collections cannot be replaced. I don't think it's wrong to keep them safe.
My kids do not touch my stuff unless they ask and i say so. Now my youngest likes to pull them out. Didn't bother me much until he figured out how to open them and take out the discs. Now i have to get a new shelf with a glass front to keep him out.
I am 14.  All my really good friends are 14-15.  My sister is 17.  Overall, I am fine with any of them using my games.  The trouble starts with the people under 11.  Thats when they don't understand how to respect other people's things.  But by now there are almost no people coming into my house under the age of 11 anyway.
@modest9797: Three year difference is that big of a deal?
@Shimra: 3 years in terms of mental development can be huge

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