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Posted on Mar 24th 2009 at 06:48:57 AM by (bickman2k)
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Tracking my collection used to be something that I enjoyed doing. When I began tracking, I only had the GameCube due to my young self trading in games for newer ones. IGN was the place to be for collection tracking. I began viewing the GameFAQs forums in the NES section and it revitalized my love for the classic games played on their original system.

IGN worked well until they began running short on classic information. I began with Digital Press until they finally shut down their collection service. I tried Collectorz.com and it was fine until the trial finally ran out. I also tried out Cart Commander. I enjoyed it, but the manual process for all of my games got to be too much for so many games and a lack of hardware tracking. I had tried out RFGeneration before, but I didn't have much time with it and not even close to the personal organization to get it tracking the way I wanted it.

With more time with it, RFGeneration is just the place for me. I enjoy the forums, the small community, the vast amount of information, and the just plain odd things (I'm looking your way IRC Chat.) RFGeneration has rejuvenated my collection tracking enjoyment again. You don't have to note what is missing because there are already fields for game copies, manuals, and boxes. Plus with the option for our own blog or using the forums, we can post pictures of our stuff to share with those around us here.

My trouble now stems from reentering my stuff. Because I have stopped and started so many times, I just start over every time because I don't end up very far. I have things stored in 2 locations, so it is difficult to get everything together due to a simple lack of space in the house.

Most people have an inbox for their bills, I'm considering it for new games before they are shelved/boxed. I also have games in many various locations around the house that I don't find until later. Recently, I have discovered the hardware tracking at RFGeneration. I have not seen that anywhere and with the boxes of stuff everywhere, it just adds more to my list. Eventually, I'll get it all in if for nothing else but for insurance reasons.

While I would probably have been better off keeping to it from the beginning, the number of duplicates and shifting around my storage always made me lose track. I'll be able to take the initiative and enter everything soon enough, but with over 1000 games and a ton of consoles and accessories, it'll be a long trek to get there.

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Before I came here I had used IGN as well. After them failing to add several older games I had requested I got sick of the run around. I had even tried VGRebirth and Digital Press before finding RFGen.

I've found that over time, the best approach to this for me was to add the info/scans/collection data to my profile right after I get home with my finds. That way I can shelve the games and hardware immediately without losing track. It's a sort of practiced custom that extends to my music, movie and book collections as well as my blog. Keeping receipts can be a lifesaver sometimes too.

The hardest part of keeping track I find, is removing those games and hardware that I've sold/traded/given away. Tongue
I've been fortunate in that I found RFGen before my collection got too big, it was probably under 200 games when I found it, I couldn't imagine going through my collection now and adding it to any kind of database. Right now, I've got a very complicated process that I go through whenever I buy games. First I clean up and photograph each 'collection' of things I get, then add how much I paid for it to a spreadsheet file where I keep track of my expenditures, then add each item to a spreadsheet file that I track all my games and systems in, then I check off games for certain systems on a printed out checklist that I take with me while I'm hunting, and then I add it to my collection here and at that point, I split it into two piles, one that I need to scan for the site and ones that I don't. For the ones that don't need scanned, they go onto the shelves with everything else right away, this is where I also look for variations in what I just got with what I had in the case it's a duplicate. The ones that need scanned are eventually scanned and then I do the same thing that I did with the ones that didn't need scanned. Finally, any duplicates that are not variations, I add to my for sale/trade folder and to my GameTZ list.

So, yeah, it takes me a while to go from bringing new games in the house so having everything in its place, especially on the days I bring home 50+ games. I usually have everything all settled in time to bring home new stuff the following week.

And like Tan, removing games, is a little trickier for me. Which is why I quit tracking duplicates in my regular Collection folder here, it gets too confusing when people want to buy stuff so I take it off my list, but then they change their mind and then I have to go back and add it or I forget to take something off that is gone and then someone else wants it.
@c4755: Everything you say is exactly what I did/do.  I was using IGN until I got sick of them not adding the old games I requested that were missing.  I always add the games as soon as I get home but like you said I have a tendency to forget to remove the game when I sell it or trade it.
I've never seen you in the IRC chat. You must be a secret hider. That said, the IRC chat is fantastic, and is most definitely an extension of "A Completely Unrelated Series of Thoughts".

That said, glad you like our site! We try to accommodate everyone, so I'm glad you enjoy our site!
I have possibly used more tracking systems than anyone on the site.
Somewhere around 20 between online, offline(both dloadable software and ones i made myself)

RFG was the first and has stuck with me through all the trying times. I was using 3-5 at any given time. I liked DPs rarity feature(which in many cases seems to be off) and IGNs value calculator(anything not current gen was valued at 20$s from MB/DH SNES competition carts) which made me feel i was worth so much more than i was at the time lol

Every other database i used online was severly lacking, didn't update info, didn't credit people for submissions (i notified IGN that they were using the EU title of a game released in US), didn't update fast enough if at all (IGN/DP) or didn't update period (GC, GS, and a few other gaming megoliths. yes they had online collections for a very brief period of time Wink)

For every database i have always used RFGen as the rule of thumb.
How good is the DB to start?
How do the features hold up?
How easy is it to navigate?
How easy is it to help out? (If a site is unwilling to give credit/or doesn't accept updates from users i don't even look twice)
A few other criteria i can't think of right now also come into play.

In the end RFG has always won(for me anyways) hands down.
I have not maintained my lists on other websites and from time to time i debate doing so just to have a backup. But i can't bring myself down from the level of greatness that is our database.

Wow do i sound like an ass kisser.

Well i'm not.(Here comes the justification for my ass kissing) Our collection tools are only as excellent as they are because of every member who has ever made an edit, image, addition, suggestion, etc. The collection tools are great because the members are great.
(Successfully justified... i think?)

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