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Posted on Feb 21st 2013 at 06:37:35 PM by (Duke.Togo)
Posted under Collectorcast, Podcast, Duke.Togo, Crabmaster2000, wildbil52, episode 12

Episode 12 discussion thread: http://www.rfgeneration.c...rum/index.php?topic=11496

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With RFGeneration's 2013 successful donation drive being done and over, this episode is dedicated to the generous donors that helped keep the site afloat. The small scores section will be dominated by the finds from our benevolent donors that gave through the end of the drive (Feb. 1). Feeling left out this time around? Too bad you should have given us money!!!

In addition to the sites donation drive us podcasters held a little auction to raise some extra RFGen fundage for a guest spot on the show. Our lucky (that's debatable) winner was Nupoile!! His fearless and charitable spirit saw him talking with the 3 of us about what drives him to collect, how he goes about it, and why the Odyssey 2 is so amazing.

Thanks so much to everyone who chipped in in any way (not just financially) to keep improving the best gaming database on the net. This year's donation drive was successful because of the amazing community that supports RFGeneration and keeps it growing and thriving. I know were not alone in looking forward to many more years to come of sharing our fascinating hobby through the medium of RFGeneration!!

Sites mentioned in the show:
Arcade Gear: http://www.arcade-gear.com/

Music: The Guardian Legend (NES)
2:04 Intro
8:18 Small Scores
4:02:03 Interview with Nupoile
5:27:09 Outro

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Small Scores took almost 4 hours? Holy crap.
Lots of donor scores. There were a few folks that got in donations just after we recorded, so it would have been longer.
Auction is now up and will end on March 2nd at 10:00 EST.  Thanks for the plug guys. Happy Bidding!  Looking forward to listening to the podcast at work tomorrow.
4 hours... that's hilarious and incredible. Can't wait to listen!
and no, my name does not come from a TV producer,  it comes from a Rammstein song, Engel.  762 was just sort of a random mash of the numpad years ago Tongue
Rush!!! LOL! Now you're talking my language!

Must have been the crabby Canadian guy's idea.

Never knew about the potential "pit brawl" I was supposedly involved in for helping host the show.  But I can tell you this, it would have gone something like the battle between Duke and that barbarian giant in Episode #2 of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (me being Duke of course). The rest of you old folks know what I'm talking about. Knowing that I missed out is kind of saddening, but Bil is doing a great job. Smiley  Always happy to come on the show if you guys ever need me and can tolerate my heavy Southern accent. Good show guys!
@singlebanana: You should join the podcast. Round out the English accents. Then we'll just need a Quebec person on the show.

@gamer2112: I'm a huge Rush fan too. We have to wait for Duke to upload the "original" podcast image into the thread. Nice screen name by the way.
Thanks! I listened to most of the 5 and half hours, but there were no mentions of Rush. Sad

BTW- You can play '2112' in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 has 'One Little Victory' on the soundtrack.

Common man. Dont make me get the one Guitar Hero game I still dont own Sad
@Crabmaster2000:What? Isn't it required to own everything Rush related in Canada (or is that just the albums)?  Next you'll tell me you don't have a bust of Neil Young in your foyer...
@bombatomba: I think they voted recently to replace the Neil Young busts with Bieber statuettes.
@engel762: That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about Canada to dispute it.
@bickman2k: I still havn't gotten rid of my Anne Murray bust
@Crabmaster2000: Anne. Murray. Well played sir.  *insert slow clap here*
Anne Murray was portrayed on Family Guy recently. Tongue
I love hearing people talk about that classic NES adventure game, The Legend of Zelda.
@bombatomba: Preach it, brother.
Only three active Odyssey 2 collectors out there?  So all those times that I was overbid on eBay were either Nupoile or Zagnorch?  Damn you two! 

A local buddy that may have the best 0^2 collection you'll see, including very rare releases, got me into the console.  It's great to hear someone else talk fondly of it.  I did not even know of it's existence until recently, since I was an Atari kid in the early 80's.
Techie, I call BS. There are quite a few of us that have O^2 collections - we're just not actively completing the set. Tongue

Tynstar used to own the complete O^2 collection, but he sold it off a few years ago.
@Shadow Kisuragi: Agreed.  I wouldn't mind picking up a few more pieces, but I kind of lost steam after I picked up UFO!, which was the entire reason I started buying O^2 stuff.  If I came across some for a good price I'd pick it up, but I tend to collect like Nupoile does - unless it's cheap I'm not that interested.
@Shadow Kisuragi:  I'm sure there are many of us or Power Lords and the IMagic releases would be much easier to find.  I'm sitting on quite a few doubles, if anyone wants to take the plunge or increase their O^2 stock.  Yes, they'll go for cheap - $3 each or less.  Let's all see if we can fill the next CC with a lot of O^2, 32X, and maybe some N-Gage pickups even.
@Techie413: N-gage? Time for some side talkin'!
AUCTION UPDATE: If the auction surpasses $75, I will donate 40% of the final bid amount.  If it goes over $100, I will donate 50%. Smiley
Completeing my O^2 collection has been on the back burner for a while.  The only hard ones I still have to get are Demon Attack and Turtles, which I never seem to see on Ebay anymore. 

Also, someone sell me an N-Gage for like 20 bucks.  I have a bunch of games for that stupid system that I haven't had a chance to play yet.

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