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Posted on Aug 22nd 2012 at 08:36:44 AM by (Duke.Togo)
Posted under Collectorcast, podcast, Duke.Togo, Crabmaster2000, episode 5

Episode 5 discussion thread: http://www.rfgeneration.c...rum/index.php?topic=10165

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After an unusually long absence we are back to discuss a topic that our significant others wish was more universal, cleaning. This is one of several areas of collecting that we find oddly enjoyable. Don't know how to stock your cleaning tool box? We will help you get started. Wondering what the best method is to get stickers off your games? No problem. Dirty contacts giving you trouble? Or maybe you just want to spruce up the look or your dirty old NES. Whatever it is, we will get you on your way to a pristine looking game collection that will make your friends jealous.

And if you're a listener of any of the previous Collectorcasts, you'll probably recognize how sick we are of talking about Wildbil52's great new finds each episode during the small scores recap. To remedy this we invited Wildbil52 onto the show so that he can talk about his own damn finds this time around Wink. And since cleaning can be such an important part of the collecting experience Wildbil52 sticks around for the rest of the episode to let us take a look inside his cleaning tool box, share a few cleaning secrets, and make sure that we don't get off topic.

Show notes:
Music: Contra (NES)
17:06 Small Scores
59:17 Interview with Wildbil52
1:23:06 Crabby's Amazing Pick-up
1:32:52 Main Topic: Cleaning
2:49:25 Outro

Sites mentioned in the show:
http://youtu.be/KghFebsMw00 (retr0bright)

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"Mature collecting environment" - yes, it sounds funny when you say it that way, but that's a pretty apt description.  Nice interview Bil.

We're gonna need some pics of those bikes Crab.  Get on that sir.
@singlebanana:Right away!!
Since I typically only listen to podcasts on my phone and it has a neutered podcast downloader, was I correct on the contents of the bike?
@Shadow Kisuragi: I'll try and get some photos up tonight before I get to work and you can see for yourself.
Yay! I got a mention!  Yes, it is pronounced "black label skate".  Cheesy
@blcklblskt:I prefer blcklblskt
@Crabmaster2000: Sounds like the noise you make when you gargle mouthwash.
Woohoo!  Love the length on the podcast, dudes!  This will get me through almost a third of the day.
@bombatomba: Glad to hear that it wasn't too much Smiley
@Duke.Togo:  Because I can't ever get out on The Hunt anymore (kids, time, and money) I pretty much eat up anything you guys get into (whether I agree with it or not).  I pretty much live vicariously through the collecting efforts of others on this website (especially the Small Score thread), so if you guys want to power through a ten hour episode (and make it 100% of my work day) I would appreciate.  Plus, listening to you guys slur and drouse your way through topics would be entertaining to say the least!

In other works, thanks guys.
@bombatomba:Thanks bombatoma! We'd love to hear what you dont agree with too, those are the things that make for some good conversations. If you ever notice something you dont agree with please post about it in the forum thread for the podcast episode so we can hash it out.
@bombatomba: Just follow us on Twitter @Collectorcast to get more of our non-sense... that is, if I can teach Crabby to start tweeting. And he makes fun of me for being the old one...
Good Tips Guys.

  I am not sure how it would work but you guys should try to do some skyping if you guys are not located next to each other and record the show with video. 

Or if you guys cannot do video feedback back as you are talking thru out the video you already upload maybe upload certain photos to show up at certain points so you have visual examples of what you guys are discussion. 

Just some stuff that could be nice little touches to the show.  Seems like you guys are doing a good job and keep up the good work.
@Tadpole13:Interesting ideas!
@Duke.Togo: I just attempted my first tweet. Not sure if I really understand whats going on though. I'll have to tap into your years of worldly wisdom next time we chat so you can walk me through it.
I realize that I was a little dramatic in saying that I was selling everything, but in my mind it felt like it was selling everything.

But I got a mention on the podcast!

Also, Crabby, I'm usually bad about posting my finds as it is, so the fact that I'm posting things is a good thing for me.
@bickman2k:We love seeing what you've been finding bickman! Glad to see you've still got the sickness still like the rest of us.
@Tadpole13: I'm not sure people really want to look at our ugly mugs. Possibly the photos could work, but honestly we get MUCH more traffic from the audio podcast than from the YouTube channel.

@Crabmaster2000: Sure thing, we'll get you wasting others time with meaningless drivel like everyone else Grin
Like I said it would be alot of extra work with the lengh of your shows but it would be a nice touch. Smiley

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