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Posted on Sep 12th 2012 at 06:26:11 PM by (Duke.Togo)
Posted under Collectorcast, podcast, Duke.Togo, Crabmaster2000, wildbil52, episode 6

Episode 6 discussion thread: http://www.rfgeneration.c...rum/index.php?topic=10347

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Crabby and Duke decide to allow Wildbil back on, since his awesome score streak has dried up and he's no longer competition. We sit down to discuss methods for keeping track of your gaming inventory. You may be able to guess our current favorite, but we talk about the options, our history with different methods, and the deeper meaning behind documenting items.

You folks may regret all the praise you gave us for the last episode, as we've gone on to produce another three hours of content. Don't blame us, you had the chance to complain at the last one Wink

Show notes:
Music: Metroid (FDS)
22:01 Small Scores
1:34:09 Main Topic: Inventorying
2:58:04 Closing

Sites mentioned in the show:

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Best bits from the first hour:

13:55--  "How can we get this (NES sewing machine) to work with R.O.B.?" Heh.

34:35-- Ah yes, the frustrating "how-the-hell-do-you-pronounce-his-user-name?!" quandary. BTW I think Aeroc should be pronounced "air-geitz" from here on out. Who's with me on this?

36:55-- "I'm going to guess that the name is actually Eric." Oh no you don't!, Don't you DARE ruin it for me!!!

37:35-- the whole blklblskt pronunciation saga has me flashing back to those episodes of Superman featuring Mr. Mxyzptlk. Personally, I think every member's profile page should have a pronunciation key for their names like dictionaries have, where it's spelled out phonetically.

42:51-- "Tempest 2000 is a really great game." You freakin'-a better believe it is!

45:08-- "Print (media), surprisingly, still has a decent presence up here (Canada)." I wish that was still the case Stateside... sigh. I don't envy the lack of cell coverage, though.

48:40-- "So if any poor soul out there wants to donate to the Duke.Togo Memorial Home for Wayward Micro GBAs..." You'll be the first guy I'll contact. Pinky swear!

53:00-- "Turning it off and turning it back on fixes 99% of any tech problem." Sigh... if only.

Hey, now!  I see what you guys did with the name-thing in the title.  Ignorant without IGN.  Clever, boys, clever. 


Now off to download.

Reading Zags comments I hope you mention Tempest X3 for PSX.  I never felt the need to go back to Tempest 2000 after playing X3.
@Zagnorch: I'm not entirely sure how Bil got to air-geitz, but I think Aeroc will be forever tarnished. It's ok, we'll never hear from him again until contest time next year, and everyone will have forgotten by then.

@bombatomba: You'll get to hear my opinion on the best version of Tempest in the show.

I did have a thought as to how the sewing system must have worked though. as you performed different parts of the knitting using the device it would in turn push a button on the controller, thereby telling the NES where you were in the knitting process. That way it could keep up with what you were doing and give proper instructions on screen.
You guys do realize that Aeroc is staff now, and that he's around monthly... Grin
He even had a post on how to pronounce his name somewhere.
And now, hour two best bits (watch out for Super Pitfall callbacks):

1:09:41-- "Go find whatever the Charizard equivalent (of Skylanders figures) is." If you're talking rarity, at it's Wham-Shell, presently. He's the former ruler of a kingdom of oceanic crustaceans, making him the perfect collectible for Crabz.

BTW I'm just not feelin' the love for the XL version of the 3DS, myself. I just don't dig the clarity and resolution when it's shown on a bigger screen. I had the same problem with the DSi XL...

1:10:11-- "Action 52 of Mana?" Heh...

1:16:00-- Do you ever brag about having zero degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon?

1:16:30-- Oh, that is just too freakin' funny. Now if you're ever invited to the podcast again, you gotta get Dukey to introduce you as a "celebrity guest."

1:24:24-- He prefers to be called a "slow adult," thank you very much.

1:26:05-- "This game's coming out, I'm really excited, I had it preordered for months now, and you're not gonna see a whole lot of me." The words of an incurable romantic, folks. Seriously, you shoulda been excited about other things, if you know what I mean...

1:29:00-- Heh, big and long.


1:35:42-- "I remember the first time I went out and bought a game I already had." I know your pain, my friend...

1:41:38-- "The Swiss Army Knife of Collection Tracking"? RF Generation has just discovered its new director of marketing! Get that slogan on some bumper stickers, toot-sweet!

1:44:44-- "'Cuz it's 1994 and everything is cooler when you put a 'Z' at the end of things." Actually, everything is MOAR X-TREME when you put a 'Z' at the end.

1:50:34-- Hey, come on, now-- you guys shouldn't be stooping to such lowbrow and juvenile humor. That's MY job!

1:53:17-- Yes, PLEASE tell us about the differences between the tools, while the co-hosts are trying really, REALLY hard not to giggle. You know, I have to take some blame for this-- I've been a really bad influence on those impressionable young men...

I think I am going to start letting 'Norch have the show early, and include his blow by blows in the show notes as a listening guide.
Hey leave "Super Pitfall" alone. It might be not a very good game, but... Um...

Okay it's not a very good game. Forget what I said. Have at it. :-)

So far, so good. I've been listening on my commute and have been thoroughly entertained. I've kind of skipped over the rest of the comments to avoid spoilers - should be finished by tomorrows train ride. Keep up the great work!
Shadow, I don't remember a post like that. Of course it's pronounced "air-geitz", duh!
It was in one of the threads that got lost in the downtime :/
The "Kidd-ay" theory makes sense, but my username is actually a reference to a Radiohead album, so it is pronounced "kid a" hahaha
Oh, and the avatar is a bear =p
I actually started listening to this because I was hoping your IGN without Ignorant title was going to defend Duke Nukem.  I heard so much hate about that game before it even hit shelfs and when reviewers that already had a stick up there ass got it and bashed it I was furious.  Not saying the game is perfect but I had fun with it.  Duke Nukem has already been a classic and that game brought back some memories.  I honestly wish more people would give that game a chance and don't go into it thinking this game is going to completly suck because you are going to look for things to hate.
@Tadpole13: I'm glad I'm not the only one that enjoyed DNF. I really think you have to look at it as a late 90s to early 2000s FPS, not a modern one.
I'm only like 40 mins in so far, as I only listen on my commute. I'll get back. But seriously doods, I love this show. You guys are great. And Bill fits in really well.
Hey be fair, I meet in dim lit public alleys for my Craigslist pickups. Haha.
@inRainbows: lol

@Tadpole13: You might be glad to know then that just 2 days ago I finally opened up my copy of DNF and gave it a few hours. I'm not much of a FPS guy myself (The only 2 I think I've ever played to completion are Goldeneye and Resistance), but it doesnt seem as awful as I've heard. I'll probably try to finish it up and I am enjoying some of the humor.
I am glad you are giving it a chance Crab.  I will give you a heads up the game has really long load times and one thing that can get frustrating later in the game, if you play it thru is it seems like the enemies are endless and you would have to find something out like a key or something to move on but it is not that way.  It is just alot of enemies so you have to sit there and kill them all.  The game does a bad job at making it seem like the enemies are almost killed off lol.  If you make it all the way thru as well stick around til after the credits and you will also unlock all the e3 stuff that was released over its 14 years in production.  The videos completly show a different game that has transitioned way to many times to adjust to current times.
Really cool to see lots of conversation around the show.

Big thanks to aeroc (pronounced Einhander) for being a good sport!

@KidA-Sorry for getting it wrong.  I really thought I was on to something there.
Big thanks to aeroc (pronounced Einhander) for being a good sport!

Hey, now there's an idea: just change the pronunciation on a regular basis, like every two weeks.

After a while just pick an RF Gen member to make up a new pronunciation for the next fortnight.

Well, whattaya all think?

@Zagnorch: Great idea Zignatch.

That's better than "Fagnorch," at least.

Errr... not that I should be giving you any ideas...
Geez, I guess we know who was right about the Wii U price point.  Still, I am looking forward to the Wii hardware price drop explicitly for 480p GC games.  Happy days!
@bombatomba: Yup, so as you heard I'll be patiently awaiting my Wii U front Crabby and Bil.
@Duke.Togo: Aww, we we're recording that part Sad
@Duke.Togo: Singlebandana does not approve of this idea.
@singlebanana: LOL
lol, my username.  You're not the first to wonder.  It is 2 words really, slow-man.  I adopted it for myself back when I was crawling the gran-turismo.com forum and doing "online" racing with folks.  "Online" racing was actually a solo time attack and you would take a picture of your TV and compare your final time with folks.  I was not fast when I first registered and one day I lost my password and could not recover it so I created a new user, Slowman.
Finally getting to listen to this one...
@Duke.Togo: Canada jokes? Never not funny.

1:44:00 mark - Please use LibreOffice over OpenOffice if you use a free suite. Libreoffice is far past OO.o at this point. Or just use Google Drive/Docs and have an online spreadsheet that you can access from your phone.

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