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Posted on Jan 1st 2019 at 01:00:00 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Community Playthroughs, NES, Nintendo, Community, Mario, Zelda, Contra, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Capcom, Konami, Taito, Challenge

With 2019 upon us, I propose a challenge to all my RFGeneration friends. Let's join forces to tackle the Nintendo Entertainment System licensed library in one year starting TODAY!! I think if all of us pool our combined knowledge, resources, collections, gaming skills, and support each other throughout the year, we can accomplish this lofty goal.


Not including duplicates titles, there are 669 NES games to be defeated. With games ranging from platformers, to RPGs, to adventure games, to shmups, to puzzle games, to strategy, to sports, to whatever the heck Taboo is supposed to be, we are going to need all hands on deck for this challenge and masters of all genres to help out. This is a fairly deep and varied library though so no matter what your skill level, tastes in gaming, the size of your collection or the amount of time you have available to invest anyone will be able to contribute to the effort. For every Battletoads there is a Felix the Cat, for every Ultima Quest of the Avatar there is a Sesame Street ABCs, for every Donkey Kong Jr there is a Donkey Kong Jr Math!

Each month we will have targets set to keep us on track with our ultimate goal for the year. I will be keeping a thread of all the games yet to be defeated as well as those we have taken down. This same thread will be our platform to share our experiences with these games, our triumphs and our frustrations. Being as this is a community project, everyone is encouraged to help others reach their goals. Players can "claim" one game at  a time to work on so that we don't have multiple players unknowingly working on the same titles, they can ask for assistance with challenging or cryptic areas, pass a partially completed game over to another member to finish (via in game passwords when applicable), share highscores, or obtain bragging rights for toppling a brutal challenge. If you can't or don't want to play along, I still hope you'll cheer us on or share your insights when you can.

I will be moderating this thread with back up from our knowledgeable and lovable, singlebanana. Between the two of us, we know this library quite well, so if you're looking for game suggestions, or need clarification on winning conditions for certain titles or anything else, we are here to help you out. More information on this challenge is posted in the Community Playthroughs forum here on rfgeneration.com. Get your body hyped up and stake claim to a game you want to start NOW! We hope to see as many of you as possible take part in this massive community building challenge!!

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Now I have a game to finish.

Overall, I anticipate this being a challenging year for this, uh, challenge, at least for me.  Taking into account the games I received for Christmas (PSN, Steam) it was going to be well over a hundred hours, but now with Persona 4 Golden on the bench it instantly balloons to well over two hundred.  Should be a lot of fun.
I want to encourage you to drop everything and only play NES.........BUT Persona 4 is so freakin good I just cant do it!
I'll jump in. I have a decent library of games at my disposal and this is the perfect reason to stop exclusively achievement hunting on Xbox platforms and play some of the great old-school games I have picked up over the years.
Great start to the year already!  Can't wait to knock out some more with the community. Smiley
Go team! Go RF Generation! We can defeat the NES!

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